The Wisdon Of The Great John Wayne on Liberals and Liberalism…

I think this video has never been so relevant. Don’t lose optimism, my friends. It’s the only thing that separates us from the liberal hordes!

Whether it be optimism that you too can become great in this nation, or optimism that this latest government shutdown battle hasn’t destroyed the Republican party forever — staying positive will continue to be important.

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Let’s All Get Behind Obama To Support World War 3!

I mean, we'll probably all end up in a refugee camp — but at least it will have free WIFI!  Because Obama….  ROFL

This video pretty much sums up all of the liberals I know who quickly took a pro-war stance for the first time in their lives when they thought they were going to have to support Obama going into Syria.  Thankfully now it looks like Putin stepped in and bitch slapped our supreme leader into going along with a diplomatic solution.  Anyway, enjoy the video below:

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Rush Limbaugh Nails It: Media Rabid To Blame Right Wing for Boston!

Rush Limbaugh must read our blog, because he expanded on our thoughts yesterday that the media is foaming-at-the-mouth to blame right wingers for what happened in Boston.  Listen to the clip below where he nails it.  If this turns out to be a Muslim bomber, you're going to hear a lot of "Islam is a religion of peace!" and "this is an isolated incident that doesn't say anything about muslims, or Saudis, etc" — But if this turns out to be some fringe right wing group, you are going to witness a piling on to the level that you have never seen before.  They are going to find an AR-15 rifle in the guys home, whether he had one or not — and they are going to find gunpowder which was bought from a gun store for purposes of reloading your own brass.  They are going to want to reduce the amount of ammo someone can buy, so they can't make bombs with the gun powder — and you are going to need a special license in order to buy your own black powder for reloading or using black powder rifles.

That is our prediction, and you've heard it here first on Conservative Island!

Now enjoy Rush:

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Obama and the Left Desperate To Pin Boston Bombing on “Right Wing Extremists”

bostonHas there been a rush-to-judgment regarding the Patriots' Day bombings in Boston yesterday?  I think the left is doing their best to use this tragedy to their political advantage.  Let's examine the facts:

After the horrific bombing that occurred in Boston yesterday, it took just minutes for the despicable blob that is Michael Moore to begin posting messages on his Twitter feed accusing right wing groups of being responsible.  I'm sure he wishes so badly that this is true.  Only a  few short hours after the bombs went off, anchors on CNN were carelessly speculating that such actions must have been those of "Right Wing Extremists".  CNN is in-the-can for Obama, so we knew this was coming.  Obviously having got the memo from the Obama administration, they sprung into full-on spin mode, in order to hype the administrations agenda using the old adage "Never let a good tragedy go to waste!"

This was before it started to leak out that the FBI actually had their eyes set on a 20 year old Saudi man here on a student visa who was picked up burned after running from the blast yesterday.  Many news outlets are still not reporting this, probably because they don't want to be politically incorrect and assume that the bomber must be Middle-Eastern (Islam is a religion of peace, remember?) — but, according to the Today show this morning, the FBI also served a search warrant on this man's home last night and interviewed two other men who were living there.  It should only be a matter of hours before the CIA and FBI will get whatever information the Saudi intelligence service has on this man, and we will know whether or not he was involved.

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Top Myths of Low Information Voters

Throughout the past twenty years, "Get Out The Vote" campaigns have been very successful in bringing more and more people to the polls.  Whereas in the old days, most voters were people who read the newspaper daily, watched the evening news religiously, and generally understood the major issues — In the modern era, this is no longer the case.  The term "Low Information Voter" was first used in 1991 by American pollster and political scientist Samuel Popkin in his book "The Reasoning Voter".  The term is used to describe people who do not possess a deep understanding of the issues, but vote anyway based on largely symbolic things they see or hear.  They might vote for Bill Clinton because they saw him eating a hamburger at McDonalds, or maybe they voted for Barrack Obama because they thought it would be cool to vote for the first black president in American history.  Some people blame this change on the rise of reality television, social media, or people just plain becoming lazier than the last generation.  Whatever the case, it can not be denied that the low information voter has changed the political landscape in the United States permanently.

"Uh, who's running again, and for what?"

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