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Rep. Jackson Jr. resigns in shame, citing “health issues”

After revealing that the revvvvvvvvvverend Jesse Jackson’s son Jesse Jr has been hiding out at the Mayo clinic while being treated for bi-polar disorder and “gastrointestinal issues” for the past several months, he came out today and decided to quit … Continue reading

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Labor Unions Invading Walmart — Attempt to Ruin Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Ummmm, ya….  I’m sorry that Walmart employees are now being infiltrated by big labor unions who have collectivist special interests at heart — But please don’t tell me about how sorry you are that you have to work on Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Conservative Island Evening News… November 20, 2012

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Miami Becoming ‘Russian Riviera’… Miami Becoming ‘Russian Riviera’…(Second column, 10th story, link) FRANCE ACCUSES USA OF HACKING PRESIDENT’S COMPUTERS FRANCE … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney spotted today pumping his own gas, looking a shell of a man….

Mitt Romney was spotted today pumping his own gas and looking like a disheveled shell of a man after his 2012 election loss to President Obama. As the saying goes, you’re riding high in April — shot down in May. … Continue reading

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Stock Markets down big after Obama re-elected… Economy in turmoil!

It was clear on Wednesday after the election that Wall Street picked the wrong candidate to win the 2012 presidential election.  They had banked on a Romney win which would have meant austerity measures, spending controls, targeted tax cuts, and … Continue reading

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Republicans have a host of female & minority rising stars — Why does nobody seem to notice?

The liberal media seems to do a great job selling that the Republican party is run by a bunch of rich old white men.  While the Republicans have a host of women and minority rising stars within the party, they … Continue reading

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Barrack Obama “Words Matter” Documentary on Obama lies, deceit, and attempt to fundamentally wreck America…

I’ll bet you’ve never seen many of the lies uncovered in this outstanding Obama documentary. The liberal media simply did not cover many of these issues, there was no investigative journalism, no Woodward and Bernstein — nothing. They simply dropped … Continue reading

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Why Mitt Romney Lost The Election…

Here at Conservative Island, we’re still picking through the rubble that was the 2012 presidential election. This one stings more than others in the past, because many of us genuinely felt that Mitt Romney was going to defeat Barrack Obama, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Style! (Gangham Style Parody)

Losing that election was tough for us conservatives, and it was even tougher for this one because I had this Mitt Romney Style / Gangham Style parody stuck in my head for weeks prior to election day! I figure I’ll … Continue reading

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Did President Obama’s re-election make you want to leave the country?

Like many frustrated conservatives and Republicans, I may have gone overboard recently when I promised my liberal friends that if President Obama was re-elected I would leave the country. Being in the software business and being about to work virtually … Continue reading

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