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Footage of Union Thugs in Michigan Attacking Steven Crowder (UNEDITED)

The unedited footage of the attack on Fox News comedian Steven Crowder was released today, and clearly shows mobs of union thugs in Michigan grabbing, pushing, and punching Mr. Crowder.  They then proceeded to destroy a tent that he and … Continue reading

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47%’er Insults 1%’er — Hillarity Ensues!

How many of you guys remember a social network called MySpace that was huge in the early 2000′s?  It was run by a guy named Tom who automatically was your first friend when you joined it, and he never updated … Continue reading

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SHOCKER: Obama Is Time’s Man Of The Year

Well, I don’t always read left wing pinko rags, but when I do — it’s Time Magazine.  I know that you would have never guessed that the liberal media would go ahead and select their God, Barack Obama as Time … Continue reading

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5 Lessons I Learned From Glengarry Glenross

The world is full of a lot of 47%’ers these days for sure.  There are more people who don’t pay any tax, don’t feel any sense of ownership in our society, and think that they are entitled to everything under … Continue reading

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Legalization of Pot — The Next Great Republican Issue?

In recent election both Washington State and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for use by the general population, and in Colorado you are now allowed to own up to 6 plants for your personal use.  Married couples can have up … Continue reading

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Pro-Gun Democrats Turning On Us… Joe Biden To The Rescue!

Patriots!  Be on alert.  In another turn of events today for lawful gun owners across the United States, President Obama informed us that his trusty VP Joe Biden will be in charge of making sure that there is meaningful anti-gun … Continue reading

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Republicans, please SHUT UP about GOD!

Republicans have shown up to the argument, but they are completely missing the opportunities laid at their feet by Democrats this week.  You’ve got the opportunity to hit a home run here on 2nd amendment rights, and destroy the Democrats … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan Is Destroyed On Gun Control…

The Gun Owners of America went on Piers Morgan this week to defend our 2nd amendment rights.  What an amazing common sense argument that was made.  Piers Morgan could barely contain himself, poor guy…. Mr. Morgan you are simply disgusting, … Continue reading

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Has The Middle Class Already Gone Off The Fiscal Cliff?

While the sleazy politicians in Washington are still trying to argue to some agreement on the so called fiscal cliff, it begs the question if the result isn’t going to just throw more cold water on an already wrecked middle … Continue reading

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Is Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly a Sexy Robot?

Megyn Kelly does definitely bear a striking resemblance to the character “Six” from TV’s smash hit Battlestar Galactica.  While we can’t be sure, we’d love to spend more time looking at Megyn so we’ve decided to review the evidence right … Continue reading

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