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How Can I Lower My Tax Burden?

So many of my affluent friends who are high earners are worried about the coming tax increases under President Obama.  Many of us are already paying over 50% of our income in taxes when you add up our Federal Income … Continue reading

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Can the GOP beat Hillary Clinton in 2016? Gingrich says “No”…

Newt Gingrich has always been one of my favorite leaders of the Republican party.  The man was responsible for leading congress to set America up for huge success, even working under Democratic President Bill Clinton in the 1990′s, and he’s … Continue reading

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Dating Tips For Young Conservative Women…

I was in a restaurant the other night, and I heard two young ladies ranting to each other about how there are no “good men” left, and how they are going to be single forever, blah blah blah….  I took … Continue reading

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Alex P. Keaton – American Icon, Republican Hero…

As a child growing up in the 1980’s, I had limited TV to choose from.  It’s not like today where kids have 300 channels, and a dozen with non-stop cartoons twenty four hours a day.  When I got home from … Continue reading

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Conservative Island Evening News… December 9, 2012

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Cop shoots, kills suspected shoplifter… Cop shoots, kills suspected shoplifter…(Second column, 14th story, link) Wall St Expects Worst Bonuses Since … Continue reading

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Book Review: Republican Party Reptile, by P.J. O’Rourke

[I Love P.J. O'Rourke!  He is a classic Goldwater Republican who just doesn't give $&%%!  Enjoy my review of his greatest book ever...] When most people think of a hardcore Republican, they conjure up images of a deprived, monochromatic, religious … Continue reading

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I know we’re all supposed to be mad at Korean rapper PSY today…

After it was disclosed that he recorded an anti-American rap about the Iraq war 8 years ago, Korean rapper PSY came out and apologized profusely in a letter to the American people this week. I know that we’re supposed to … Continue reading

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Are Fox News Blondes Clones?

Here at Conservative Island we’re huge fans of Fox News, obviously, and even bigger fans of Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Earhardt and some of their colleagues on the anchor desk.  Here’s a quick tribute to the lovely women of Fox news, … Continue reading

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What are the Most Conservative Colleges in America?

Love wearing suits and ties to high school?  Enjoy golfing on the weekends?  Looking to make a million dollars and achieve the true American dream? Maybe Alex P. Keaton was your idle since all of those Family Ties re-runs you’ve … Continue reading

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Who are Conservatives in America?

Conservatism seems to be a dying ideology if you look at the rest of the world for guidance.  Almost every other western nation has succumbed to liberalism in one form or another, be it socialism, Marxism, or even communism.  In … Continue reading

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