47%’er Insults 1%’er — Hillarity Ensues!

How many of you guys remember a social network called MySpace that was huge in the early 2000′s?  It was run by a guy named Tom who automatically was your first friend when you joined it, and he never updated his picture.  Well now MySpace is like a deserted amusement park when you go there.  There are still people’s profiles, but most have not been used or updated since Facebook took over as the leading social network.  Myspace was fun during it’s heydey, and a lot of people met on MySpace and became lifelong friends, but the owner definitely sold out at the exact right moment.

Tom Anderson received $580,000,000 dollars when he sold MySpace and walked away from it in 2005.  Sure, this isn’t anything like the billions that Mark Zuckerberg is worth today, but it’s real money to most of us working a full time job.  You could definitely say that his success is one of the great American stories of entrepreneurship.  Few online businesses are started from nothing and achieve such a high valuation, but MySpace was successfully built up and sold off by a single man.  Tom became a 1%’er almost overnight, when his net worth was propelled into the stratosphere by the sale of his company.

Well, I guess Tom from MySpace is still on the Internet, and he regularly updates his Twitter account.  Recently while espousing about the new Instagram photo privacy rules, Tom came face to face with a 47%’er.  Remember from my previous blogs that 47%’ers find that it’s easier to sit around and complain about everything than to take real action and go achieve something.  47%’ers don’t start online businesses, they aren’t entrepreneurs, and they despise anybody who goes out in the world and successfully parlays a business into millions of dollars.  With that said, the following exchange is what occured:

Apparently a short time later Mr. Polo Tapia deleted his account, and Tom posted “So does this mean I win?” on his Twitter feed.

Lesson learned for Mr. Tapia?  How about, don’t insult someone who has attained a level of success that you can only dream of.  Jealousy is a green eyed monster, as Shakespeare once penned, and it can turn you into a very ugly little person.  While Tom is an uber-successful capitalist that so many of us could learn from, Mr. Tapia sees Tom as an evil man who is undeserving of his wealth and worthy of insult.

This is why liberalism has now run a muck within our society, folks.  Liberalism is the path of least resistance.  It’s easier to sit around on your couch watching reality TV shows, and complaining about not having a job, or not being able to afford those expensive things you want (That you see people with on reality TV) than to go out in the world and achieve success for yourself.  We are raising an entire generation of do-nothing whiners who add no value to society other than making snarky comments on someone’s Twitter feed.

People like Tapia are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with America today.  Keep working that minimum wage job, and complaining about how you can’t afford gas for your car or automobile insurance.  Keep blaming everybody but yourself for the reason you don’t have more than $20 in your checking account.  Don’t bother to go back to school, or learn a specialized trade — because it’s just too hard.  Sit on unemployment for the maximum amount of time allowed each time you lose your job and moan about how life is just so unfair.   Because you are a 47%’er, and there is seriously no hope for you if you haven’t figured that out already.

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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