5 Lessons I Learned From Glengarry Glenross

The world is full of a lot of 47%’ers these days for sure.  There are more people who don’t pay any tax, don’t feel any sense of ownership in our society, and think that they are entitled to everything under the sun.  There are very few true closers left in our country, and the ones left are a dying breed.  Quintessential Hollywood liberal Alec Baldwin did play a character in a movie called Glengarry Glenross several years ago. This character was most certainly that of a wealthy Republican closer.  Alec Baldwin earned an Oscar nomination for his role in that movie, and this is the only scene he was in.

The monologue Baldwin gives in this movie is so extremely powerful, and so compelling it hit me right in the gut.  If not for the extreme language and profanity (Which my wife and kids might not need to hear at 6am), I would program my alarm clock to wake me up with this speech every morning.  About half of the people who watch this clip are going to think he is a real jerk, and about half are going to get very excited about going out and conquering the world.  Which will you be?

1). Don’t Make Excuses — In this famous scene, one of the under performing salesman says that the reason he isn’t able to sell is because the leads are weak.  Alec Baldwin refutes him by saying that he can go out tonight with the same materials they’ve got and make himself $15,000.  I hear excuses every day about how this economy is so bad, and how Obama is the reason somebody can’t get ahead — But you’ve got to overcome those obstacles or you’re dead.  If you allow the Obama or his cronies to stop you from starting a business or becoming successful — You’re just as bad as those 47%’ers that protest in the streets to have their student loans paid off, and for the government to give them jobs they haven’t earned.

2). Always Be Closing — We may not all work in sales, but life is about closing sales.  You are either closing, or someone else is closing you — period.  It might be that job you want, or that girl you want to ask out on a date.  Whatever you are after in life is going to require you to make a case, sell yourself, and close the deal. So-called 47%’ers don’t close, and they are really bad at selling themselves.  That’s the difference between us and them — Republicans close.  Even in this horrible economy, living under one of the most oppressive Marxist regimes — Many of us have been able to close, and become successful.

3). Being a Nice Guy Doesn’t Matter — Like Alec Baldwin says in the movie, if you’re a nice guy he doesn’t care.  Good father?  Don’t care, go home and play with your kids!  If you want to work here, you close.  In life most people are nice guys.  Being a nice guy is like doing the bare minimum in your life.  In order to become successful, you’ve got to offer the world something and then you’ve got to close.  You can’t expect to become wealthy, successful, or famous if you don’t offer the world something above and beyond the person next to you.  This is obviously a fact that most of the “47%’ers” out there in the world who pay no taxes simply don’t understand.

4).  Success in Life Requires Effort — When I was a kid, I used to read Tony Robbins books where he would say that you need to take “Massive Action” to be successful in life.  You know what?  He was absolutely right.  If you don’t go out into the world with a major hunger in your belly, and the willingness to outwork the guy next to you — You’ll never get ahead.  If you’re telling, you’re not selling — You either close, or you hit the bricks.  It’s pouring with rain in the movie, and most of the salesman are sitting inside like they are afraid to go out and get a little wet.  If you wait for all of the traffic lights to turn green my friends, you’ll never drive into town.

5). Rolexes and BMW’s Are For Closers — Finding a good mentor is a great way to get ahead in whatever field you are in.  If someone like Baldwin’s character walked into your office after pulling up in an $80,000 BMW, and wore a watch that cost more than the Hyundai you drove to get to work — Would you listen to him?  Many people might seethe in a jealous rage, and wish for Baldwin to experience an unfortunate accident, or to lose everything he’s attained.  The other half might ask him questions, and try to emulate his success.  Overcoming your jealousy and not becoming one of those filthy Occupy Wall Street people who marches in the street and sleeps in the park can be a major obstacle for some people.   Which will you be?

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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