Stuck In The American Culture War With You!

Anybody remember Pat Buchanan? He made the now famous speech at the RNC convention back in 1996 about there being a culture war going on in America, and everybody blew him off? Well, now over a decade later — America is a nation in decline, and our decline is clearly being caused by our loss of American culture. When I say American culture, I'm not talking about god NeoCons, sorry. I'm definitely not one to buy into all of this drivel that has been put out there by the NeoCons that want to link the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary to our lack of god in schools. I certainly think that people who choose to include religion in their lives have a right to do so, but the rest of us are just as free to live without it if we so choose. Some of what's been said about the attack on American culture is undeniable, however.

We used to be a proud country that stood on tradition, and that paid homage to our founders. We were a melting pot, where people from all nations would come and adopt our uniquely American culture. Children here were taught in school about why the Declaration of Independence was so important, and how the founding fathers set up our future success with the Bill of Rights. Our Constitution was taught as a sacred document that needed to be upheld at all costs. In school we learned never to apologize for being the best country on Earth, and that the reasons for being the best included a free market economy, lazy fair capitalism, and our rugged individualism. Kids learned that it was embarrassing to take public assistance, and that hard work was something to always be proud of.

This week, while we are still recovering from the wound that was opened by the attack on Sandy Hook elementary school, we learned that bad people continue to do bad things in America. A fruitcake left a chilling note about killing people being the only thing he was good at, before he opened fire killing several firefighters (After setting his own house on fire to draw them in). A woman was set on fire while sleeping on a park bench in what seems to be a random act of violence by someone who just wanted to see what it would feel like to set someone on fire. A second man in a month was pushed in front of a subway train (This time by a deranged woman who was mumbling to herself), and was crushed to death beneath it's tracks.  Aurora still mourns the theater shooting by a real life "Joker" who seemed straight out of a Batman film.

All of these events have a rather "Gotham City" quality to them, as they hint at a rapid moral and cultural decline in our nation. It would appear that we definitely have a mental health gap in our country, where lunatics are allowed to slip through the cracks and walk among us freely. Some are even allowed to buy firearms, which boggles the mind. Overall, life has gotten very cheap in America — and we just don't value it as much as we used to. Some of my fellow Republicans will say this is because we allow a million children a year to be aborted, but being a fairly pro-choice Republican, who believes abortion should be available in some cases (With some restrictions, obviously), I just can't accept this is the answer either.

As a fortune 100 executive, I must return to what I know. In the business world, often when a large corporation fails — it rots from within. They say that if a company loses its culture, it loses itself shortly thereafter. Think of companies like Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Hostess. Companies with the strongest culture are the ones who achieve the most success. Think of companies like Google, Apple, and Goldman Sachs. America is not unlike a major corporation, that is only as strong as the culture which holds its people together. Once Americans were held together by a common belief in capitalism, love of country, belief in the founding fathers, and a work ethic like no other. We can't claim to share those common beliefs anymore.

A recent poll I saw showed that close to 60% of Americans now believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism. Many are saying that the Constitution is a "living document" that needs to be changed to reflect the times we live in. Kids in school are learning that the 2nd amendment only protected the use of muskets, and for hunting only. Most on the left no longer love our country, and the vast majority don't even celebrate national holidays like the 4th of July anymore — except to take the day off to barbeque. Have you noticed that most cities have banned fireworks during Independence day now, so that most children in America won't even grow up to know what it is like to celebrate with the rocket's red glare each year? It's hard to disagree with the idea that this pushes our nation towards cultural apathy more each year.  The closest thing a kid gets to a real American history lesson these days is playing the Assassin's Creed 3 video game (Which actually doesn't do a half bad job, honestly.)

Americans are being lulled to sleep, as if placed in a warm bath so they can drift off to slumber. When you live in such a sedated reality, is it any wonder that many are choosing the path of least resistance which is liberalism. It takes very little thought to go along with the mob of popular opinion who openly believe that capitalists are to blame for all of America's problems. When they tell you that the melting pot is dead, and multi-culturalism is the future, you'll be called a racist if you don't agree. It's just easy to blame the bankers, and not the people who took out mortgages they could afford for the housing crisis. It's very easy to go along with believing that everyone should have free healthcare provided for them, and that the wealthiest people in our nation should foot the bill for everyone. As you sleep and begin to dream of the utopian nation you have hoped to accomplish, the reality might be that you'll wake up in a tub full of boiling water — as the leftists continue turning up the heat long after you've drifted off.

Taking the other path involves a great deal more heartache and pain. In order to be a conservative in America, it takes guts and extreme effort these days. It's not as easy as simply going along with the great unwashed mob, and you might be made fun of — or painted as an evil villain. They'll say that you are greedy, and that you don't want to pay your fair share while there are so many needy people in the world. They'll find a way to inject race into every conversation, and claim that the reason you vote the way you do is simply because you are a bigot. They'll do everything in their power to convince you that their way of thinking is the only way that respects women, and ladies within our party are self-loathing and submissive. They'll paint you as a nut if you cling to your 2nd amendment rights, and tyranny is just a fairy tale to them — because it could never happen in the modern world. Like a group of liberal zombies, they will surround you like their prey, and close in until you either give up and join them, or go into exile.

As Ronald Reagan said, if we lose freedom here — there is nowhere to retreat to, for this is the last stand of freedom on this Earth. While Reagan was clearly right, and we have no escape options currently — Our current environment certainly makes you wish there were some. If a rogue state were to leave the union, or perhaps a nice libertarian island in the Carri bean were to set itself up as a comfortable location for Republicans to live in exile — Would you jump at the chance? Or would you stay right here in the United States to fight the growing tide of extremist liberalism, knowing that it will be an underground war that must be waged from the shadows. The choice is ours, and it definitely seems that we'll be forced to make a choice at some point in the near future. America will either fall off the socialist cliff to share the fate of France and Italy, or it will be put back on course. If you're reading this, you just might be part of the solution.


All the while, I can't get Bob Dylan's song "Stuck In The Middle" out of my head.

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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