Anti-Vaccination Movement: Left wing nut jobs or Libertarians?

The anti-vaccination crowd has been growing over the past few years with the epidemic of Autism that is sweeping across our nation. While the anti-vaccination movement appears to have started among left wing nut jobs, it has recently invaded many Libertarian circles under the guise of personal liberty. While I understand the argument that it’s your body, and you should be able to control what goes into it — I think you first need to understand how herd immunity works before you can make an informed decision on this. It’s not just your body, and the below video will demonstrate clearly that if enough people choose not to get vaccinated — the result could be an epidemic that could wipe out the population of the Earth, including every single person who HAS been vaccinated. A lot of the data to argue against vaccinations has been manipulated in many ways, but the anti-vaccination crowd seems to leave out this important fact, among others. Intrigued like I was? Good! Watch the below video for more info:

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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