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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.

The Wisdon Of The Great John Wayne on Liberals and Liberalism…

I think this video has never been so relevant. Don’t lose optimism, my friends. It’s the only thing that separates us from the liberal hordes! Whether it be optimism that you too can become great in this nation, or optimism … Continue reading

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Let’s All Get Behind Obama To Support World War 3!

I mean, we'll probably all end up in a refugee camp — but at least it will have free WIFI!  Because Obama….  ROFL This video pretty much sums up all of the liberals I know who quickly took a pro-war … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Nails It: Media Rabid To Blame Right Wing for Boston!

Rush Limbaugh must read our blog, because he expanded on our thoughts yesterday that the media is foaming-at-the-mouth to blame right wingers for what happened in Boston.  Listen to the clip below where he nails it.  If this turns out … Continue reading

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Obama and the Left Desperate To Pin Boston Bombing on “Right Wing Extremists”

Has there been a rush-to-judgment regarding the Patriots' Day bombings in Boston yesterday?  I think the left is doing their best to use this tragedy to their political advantage.  Let's examine the facts: After the horrific bombing that occurred in … Continue reading

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Top Myths of Low Information Voters

Throughout the past twenty years, "Get Out The Vote" campaigns have been very successful in bringing more and more people to the polls.  Whereas in the old days, most voters were people who read the newspaper daily, watched the evening … Continue reading

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Why Is The Federal Government Stockpiling Ammo!?!?

I'm not one to get on board with the conspiracy theory wackos that patrol the Internet.  However, months ago those types of guys including Alex Jones, Michael Savage, etc started reporting this story and I barely took notice.  The story … Continue reading

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Conservative Democrats: A Dying Breed?

Recently the mainstream media has spent a lot of time focused on how divided our nation is.  With the sequester happening, and the failure of President Obama to show leadership to get a deal done — many Americans are wondering … Continue reading

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Cigar of the Month Club & Cigar Gift Baskets

Hey Folks!  It's no secret that a lot of conservative guys (and some gals!) love smoking cigars.  I have to admit that there is no feeling in the world like taking a moment for myself on the back patio with … Continue reading

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S.E. Cupp On The View Discussing Photoshopped Hustler Image

Hat tip to the ladies at The View who finally got something right — Coming to the aid of conservative commentator S.E. Cupp regarding the photo Hustler Photoshopped to show a penis in her mouth.  Often left wing liberals aren't … Continue reading

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Conservative Women: Jessie Duff Profile

Jessie Duff has made a name for herself recently as being an outspoken proponent for second amendment rights on Fox News, and NRA broadcasts. Jessie Duff is a national and world champion pistol shooter, Taurus team captain, and the co-host … Continue reading

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