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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.

Survey: Republicans steal less from hotel rooms? More likely to extend vacations?

Found this interesting survey by our friends at this week.  Apparently Republicans are more honest about stealing items from hotel rooms, and are more likely to extend their vacation beyond the original planned date.  This could mean a host … Continue reading

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To stand With Israel, or Not? Preventing a Middle-East Super Power…

                  The Israelis were just about the only country outside the United States that supported Mitt Romney over Barrack Obama in election 2012.  They knew there was a clear difference between the … Continue reading

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Election 2012: Where does the Republican party go from here?

I wrote in a previous blog about the reasons why Mitt Romney, our Republican challenger lost the 2012 presidential election to Barrack Obama. A combination of events added up to defeat us, including allowing the Democrats to label us and … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaccination Movement: Left wing nut jobs or Libertarians?

The anti-vaccination crowd has been growing over the past few years with the epidemic of Autism that is sweeping across our nation. While the anti-vaccination movement appears to have started among left wing nut jobs, it has recently invaded many … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from Ronald Reagan!

Remember when we had a real president in the white house?  Sure you do.  Economic growth was at a high, he produced the longest period of economic growth since World War 2, and he took inflation down from double digits … Continue reading

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The True Story of Thanksgiving, and How Socialism Failed!

If you didn’t have a chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s program today, he did an excellent story on the Pilgrims, and the story of Thanksgiving that you haven’t heard before.  It was truly moving, and something that should be … Continue reading

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More Americans buy Thanksgiving Turkey with FOOD STAMPS than EVER!

            In a shocking report released today over at US NEWS it was reported that more Americans will buy their Thanksgiving turkey dinner with food stamps this year than ever…. before… in…. recorded…. history. If … Continue reading

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Rep. Jackson Jr. resigns in shame, citing “health issues”

After revealing that the revvvvvvvvvverend Jesse Jackson’s son Jesse Jr has been hiding out at the Mayo clinic while being treated for bi-polar disorder and “gastrointestinal issues” for the past several months, he came out today and decided to quit … Continue reading

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Labor Unions Invading Walmart — Attempt to Ruin Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Ummmm, ya….  I’m sorry that Walmart employees are now being infiltrated by big labor unions who have collectivist special interests at heart — But please don’t tell me about how sorry you are that you have to work on Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney spotted today pumping his own gas, looking a shell of a man….

Mitt Romney was spotted today pumping his own gas and looking like a disheveled shell of a man after his 2012 election loss to President Obama. As the saying goes, you’re riding high in April — shot down in May. … Continue reading

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