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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.

Anti-Bob Costas Petition Springs Up on Facebook!

This is what I love about the Internet. In less than 24 hours, people are mobilizing and holding Bob Costas accountable for his absurd remarks last night on Sunday Night Football regarding gun control. No Bob, a world free of … Continue reading

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Varney & Co Weighing in on Bob Costas Gun Control Comments….

President Obama is coming for your guns. His surrogates are already laying the groundwork for an epic battle around gun control to be waged in this country over the next four years. Thankfully someone in the media is covering this … Continue reading

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Bob Costas Hijacks Sunday Night Football to Make Anti-Gun Rant…

Bob Costas showed his true colors this evening. Did anybody else watch the Cowboys / Eagles game tonight? Bob Costas took the opportunity at half time to read an anti-gun editorial for 2 full minutes on national television relating to … Continue reading

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Lesbians will marry your boyfriend if you don’t approve gay marriage!

ROFL — This was too funny not too share… And for the record, this blog has nothing against Lesbians — We’re very pro Lesbian, if you know what we mean.  

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Texas Secession, and the Future of our Nation….

    (Pictured above: The battle of the Alamo) For many years now, the state motto of Texas has appeared on tourism brochures as “Texas, it’s like a whole other country.”  If many Texans have it their way, at some … Continue reading

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Why should you use a payroll company for your small business?

Payroll providers are seen by some small business people as a cost or overhead.  In order to understand the true value of a payroll provider, you’ve got to look at it from the aspect of what a payroll provider offers … Continue reading

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Will the Government Raid 401k Plans Next?

Stunning assertions are coming to light from a Time magazine article that suggests that the Democrats may decide to come after your 401k next in the name of “fairness”.  In a previous article, we wrote about how the home mortgage … Continue reading

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How to Celebrate a Second Term? Obamas plan 20 day, $4 million Vacation!

Queue the music folks!  The Obamas are going back on vacation.  It’s been a rough campaign after all, and who deserves it more than our commander in chief?  Preparing to raise taxes on millions of Americans, after convincing most young … Continue reading

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Exotic locations where you are most likely to meet other Conservatives?

So you’re planning your next vacation already, because the election has you frazzled and you are just ready to get away for awhile.  Only one problem:  You are worried that you are going to run into Democrats that might ruin … Continue reading

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W2 or 1099? How to pay the least income tax?

We conservatives are go getter, take-no-prisoners, high achievers. It should be no surprise to anyone that we’re constantly under the gun trying to structure our taxes for the least amount of financial impact on our families. If you are a … Continue reading

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