Bob Costas Hijacks Sunday Night Football to Make Anti-Gun Rant…

Bob Costas showed his true colors this evening. Did anybody else watch the Cowboys / Eagles game tonight? Bob Costas took the opportunity at half time to read an anti-gun editorial for 2 full minutes on national television relating to the Kansas City murder-suicide that happened this weekend.

Mr. Costas was absolutelty appalling and should be ashamed of himself for supporting statements about “gun culture” in the United States that included “If Belcher didn’t have a gun, his girlfriend would be alive today.” (Clearly it means nothing to Bob Costas that Belcher was giant professional football player, and the woman he killed was a tiny 110 pound rail. Apparently he’s never heard of strangulation or beating someone to death?)

Gun Control has thought to be a long dead issue.  People like Costas used to exist in the shadows in this country, and now they think it is safe to come out into the light. With socialists now walking freely in open daylight on our streets, it was only a matter of time before anti-gun liberals would rear their ugly faces once again. Folks, it’s up to people like us to make sure that these sorts of people do not get away with making such ridiculous statements. If there was any doubt in your mind that the gun grabbing libs would be invigorated by an Obama re-election, here is you proof.

A few years ago Rush Limbaugh was fired from ESPN for making statements about Donivon McNabb that were very tame compared to this Costas monologue tonight. I encourage you to send letters, make phone calls, and let NBC know that this conduct is unacceptable on Sunday Night Football. We tune in to watch a spot, not be harassed by absorb political statements and commentary during the game. It’s even more offensive that Costas chose to make his comments so close to this tragedy in order to try to score political points for the ant-gun liberal caucus.

Full statement from Costas here:

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