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Demand for guns SOARS after Obama re-election! Pass the ammo…

Is the future of America one where the NRA is labeled as an illegal terrorist organization, and gun ownership is strictly limited? Decide for yourself… Watch the latest video at

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5 Steps To Help You Move from the 47% to the 53% Club, and Start Paying Taxes…

In the classic comedy film “Hall Pass”, a grown man is insulted at a coffee shop by a young coffee slinging kid because he comes off a bit square.  The gentleman on the client-side of the counter responds, “I’ll tell … Continue reading

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Texas Secession, and the Future of our Nation….

    (Pictured above: The battle of the Alamo) For many years now, the state motto of Texas has appeared on tourism brochures as “Texas, it’s like a whole other country.”  If many Texans have it their way, at some … Continue reading

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Will the Government Raid 401k Plans Next?

Stunning assertions are coming to light from a Time magazine article that suggests that the Democrats may decide to come after your 401k next in the name of “fairness”.  In a previous article, we wrote about how the home mortgage … Continue reading

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Exotic locations where you are most likely to meet other Conservatives?

So you’re planning your next vacation already, because the election has you frazzled and you are just ready to get away for awhile.  Only one problem:  You are worried that you are going to run into Democrats that might ruin … Continue reading

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Top 10 tax haven islands to Relocate or Retire to….

So the election is over, and you’re asking yourself where you can retreat to.  While I’ve already discussed in my other blogs that there seems to be no perfect exile hide-a-way for conservatives currently, there are a few options that … Continue reading

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Thousands of high net worth individuals fleeing America under the Obama regime…

The great Margaret Thatcher once said that we need an incentive economy to produce growth, where the great achievers are allowed to achieve great things without the threat of punishment.  Sadly, we now live in a redistributionist economy where anyone … Continue reading

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William F. Buckley and Margaret Thatcher Discuss Socialism…

This interview is a classic from the father of modern day conservatism, William F. Buckley. He asks the question, “What is there to be learned from the failure of British socialism?” Apparently the rumors of the death of socialism were … Continue reading

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Survey: Republicans steal less from hotel rooms? More likely to extend vacations?

Found this interesting survey by our friends at this week.  Apparently Republicans are more honest about stealing items from hotel rooms, and are more likely to extend their vacation beyond the original planned date.  This could mean a host … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from Ronald Reagan!

Remember when we had a real president in the white house?  Sure you do.  Economic growth was at a high, he produced the longest period of economic growth since World War 2, and he took inflation down from double digits … Continue reading

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