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The True Story of Thanksgiving, and How Socialism Failed!

If you didn’t have a chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s program today, he did an excellent story on the Pilgrims, and the story of Thanksgiving that you haven’t heard before.  It was truly moving, and something that should be … Continue reading

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More Americans buy Thanksgiving Turkey with FOOD STAMPS than EVER!

            In a shocking report released today over at US NEWS it was reported that more Americans will buy their Thanksgiving turkey dinner with food stamps this year than ever…. before… in…. recorded…. history. If … Continue reading

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Labor Unions Invading Walmart — Attempt to Ruin Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Ummmm, ya….  I’m sorry that Walmart employees are now being infiltrated by big labor unions who have collectivist special interests at heart — But please don’t tell me about how sorry you are that you have to work on Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Style! (Gangham Style Parody)

Losing that election was tough for us conservatives, and it was even tougher for this one because I had this Mitt Romney Style / Gangham Style parody stuck in my head for weeks prior to election day! I figure I’ll … Continue reading

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Did President Obama’s re-election make you want to leave the country?

Like many frustrated conservatives and Republicans, I may have gone overboard recently when I promised my liberal friends that if President Obama was re-elected I would leave the country. Being in the software business and being about to work virtually … Continue reading

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