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Republicans, please SHUT UP about GOD!

Republicans have shown up to the argument, but they are completely missing the opportunities laid at their feet by Democrats this week.  You’ve got the opportunity to hit a home run here on 2nd amendment rights, and destroy the Democrats … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan Is Destroyed On Gun Control…

The Gun Owners of America went on Piers Morgan this week to defend our 2nd amendment rights.  What an amazing common sense argument that was made.  Piers Morgan could barely contain himself, poor guy…. Mr. Morgan you are simply disgusting, … Continue reading

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For The Zillionth Time: The 2nd Ammendment Isn’t About Hunting!

The Democrats are getting overconfident this week my friends, buoyed by their presidential victory a few weeks ago, and now the political capital they think they have gained from this horrible tragedy in Connecticut. For the first time in over … Continue reading

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Is It Time For Armed Marshall To Be Stationed At Schools?

Today, the nation mourns as we discover details of the slaughter of innocent kindergarten children in Newtown Connecticut.  Once again a horribly depraved and mentally ill human being has given a bad name to lawful gun owners everywhere, because he … Continue reading

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Bob Costas goes on Bill O’Reilley, Back Pedals On Gun Control….

Bob Costas went on the Bill O’Reilley show to try to back pedal, and appeared in an obvious state of duress. Bob still seemed a little cavalier to me about the comments he made, what do you think? Bill did … Continue reading

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Bob Costas Has Clarified His Remarks On Gun Control….

After a couple of days of horrendous publicity on the Internet and elsewhere, Bob Costas came out yesterday with a statement that was read by one of his representatives.  Apparently Bob doesn’t want to come out and speak in person, … Continue reading

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Demand for guns SOARS after Obama re-election! Pass the ammo…

Is the future of America one where the NRA is labeled as an illegal terrorist organization, and gun ownership is strictly limited? Decide for yourself… Watch the latest video at

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Anti-Bob Costas Petition Springs Up on Facebook!

This is what I love about the Internet. In less than 24 hours, people are mobilizing and holding Bob Costas accountable for his absurd remarks last night on Sunday Night Football regarding gun control. No Bob, a world free of … Continue reading

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Varney & Co Weighing in on Bob Costas Gun Control Comments….

President Obama is coming for your guns. His surrogates are already laying the groundwork for an epic battle around gun control to be waged in this country over the next four years. Thankfully someone in the media is covering this … Continue reading

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Bob Costas Hijacks Sunday Night Football to Make Anti-Gun Rant…

Bob Costas showed his true colors this evening. Did anybody else watch the Cowboys / Eagles game tonight? Bob Costas took the opportunity at half time to read an anti-gun editorial for 2 full minutes on national television relating to … Continue reading

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