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What is the Estimated Wealth / Net Worth of Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is America’s anchor man, and one of the greatest American success stories in the Republican party. Truly a man who pulled himself up from nothing, without even a college education, Rush Limbaugh’s net worth now far exceeds anything … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Help You Move from the 47% to the 53% Club, and Start Paying Taxes…

In the classic comedy film “Hall Pass”, a grown man is insulted at a coffee shop by a young coffee slinging kid because he comes off a bit square.  The gentleman on the client-side of the counter responds, “I’ll tell … Continue reading

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Varney & Co Weighing in on Bob Costas Gun Control Comments….

President Obama is coming for your guns. His surrogates are already laying the groundwork for an epic battle around gun control to be waged in this country over the next four years. Thankfully someone in the media is covering this … Continue reading

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Bob Costas Hijacks Sunday Night Football to Make Anti-Gun Rant…

Bob Costas showed his true colors this evening. Did anybody else watch the Cowboys / Eagles game tonight? Bob Costas took the opportunity at half time to read an anti-gun editorial for 2 full minutes on national television relating to … Continue reading

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Lesbians will marry your boyfriend if you don’t approve gay marriage!

ROFL — This was too funny not too share… And for the record, this blog has nothing against Lesbians — We’re very pro Lesbian, if you know what we mean.  

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Top 10 tax haven islands to Relocate or Retire to….

So the election is over, and you’re asking yourself where you can retreat to.  While I’ve already discussed in my other blogs that there seems to be no perfect exile hide-a-way for conservatives currently, there are a few options that … Continue reading

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Powerball Fever Gripping The Nation!!! Does this mean liberals have won?

The Powerball Jackpot is expected to be awarded to at least one lucky winner tonight as millions of Americans like up to buy a chance at a $550 Million dollar grand prize.  That person is sure to begin voting Republican … Continue reading

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Survey: Republicans steal less from hotel rooms? More likely to extend vacations?

Found this interesting survey by our friends at this week.  Apparently Republicans are more honest about stealing items from hotel rooms, and are more likely to extend their vacation beyond the original planned date.  This could mean a host … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaccination Movement: Left wing nut jobs or Libertarians?

The anti-vaccination crowd has been growing over the past few years with the epidemic of Autism that is sweeping across our nation. While the anti-vaccination movement appears to have started among left wing nut jobs, it has recently invaded many … Continue reading

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