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Can the GOP beat Hillary Clinton in 2016? Gingrich says “No”…

Newt Gingrich has always been one of my favorite leaders of the Republican party.  The man was responsible for leading congress to set America up for huge success, even working under Democratic President Bill Clinton in the 1990′s, and he’s … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney named to GQ’s “Least Influential People” List….

To add insult to injury this week, Mitt Romney was added to GQ’s “Least Influential People” list for this year.   News like this further proves that even though the GOP nominated a candidate nobody was excited about, many of us … Continue reading

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Is Jeb Bush the Answer to the Republican’s Problem?

This week Jeb Bush and some of his former political team were spotted meeting in a hotel steps from the White House. Apparently Jeb’s official story is that he is in Washington DC to promote education reform. He remained coy, … Continue reading

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Why Mitt Romney Lost The Election…

Here at Conservative Island, we’re still picking through the rubble that was the 2012 presidential election. This one stings more than others in the past, because many of us genuinely felt that Mitt Romney was going to defeat Barrack Obama, … Continue reading

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