University of Colorado Students Arrested For Bringing Pot Brownies to Class!

Seriously, why does this not surprise me about CU Boulder one bit?


According to Ryan Huff, a spokesperson with the University of Colorado Boulder Police Department, the professor of the class and two students were hospitalized, and five other students became ill after eating the brownies.

CU-Boulder students Mary Essa’s and Thomas Cunningham’s booking photos (Photo: Boulder Police)

At approximately 10:20 a.m. on Friday, police responded to the Hellems Arts and Sciences Building on campus after a professor became dizzy. Paramedics took the professor who was going in and out of consciousness to a local hospital to be treated.

Later that day, a mother of a student who was in the class earlier called campus police to tell them her daughter was having an anxiety attack. The student was also taken to a local hospital.

Police said that on Saturday, a second student who was hospitalized told campus police that she was going to “blackout” after her class on Friday.

Investigators concluded that the students and their professor were suffering from the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana.

Huff said that 21-year-old Thomas Ricardo Cunningham and 19-year-old Mary Elizabeth Essa baked the THC-laced brownies as part of a “bring food to class” day.

The professor and classmates were all unaware that the brownies contained THC.

Cunningham and Essa were arrested Saturday and remain behind bars without bond at the Boulder County Jail. They face felony charges including inducing consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means, and second degree assault.

“The message is:  if you are going to make marijuana-laced brownies or any other product that has drugs in them, and the other person doesn’t know, that’s a felony,” Huff said.

Police said there were 12 students in the class, and two people did not eat the brownies.

The incident is still under investigation.  The names of the victims have not been released; however they have since been released from the hospital.

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