Democrats Worship at the Alter of Obama

In the below video, comedian and actor Jamie Foxx refers to Barrack Obama as our “Lord an Savior”.  Here to deliver us from what, I have no idea?  Further proof that hyped up liberals on the left have elevated President Obama to new heights.  These people think this guy is the second coming folks.  Completely disregard that our economy and country are in shambles, and our nation is more divided than it ever has been in the course of our recorded history.  Toss out the fact that unemployment is out of control, the Federal government is growing at an unprecedented rate, and our kids are going to be saddled with six figures of debt each to pay off when they grow up.  They just keep thanking god for Obama….

About Rogue Elephant

I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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