ESPN Suspends Rob Parker for Racist RG3 comments

Robert Griffin III has shown the world that he is the real deal when it comes to professional football. While I am not a Redskins fan myself, I recognize talent when I see it and I have been impressed.  He can be a pure pocket passer, he can run the football, and he makes great decisions.  Even more impressive has been RG3′s resistance to follow the usual path of so many high profile young black athletes who enter professional football.  That’s right folks, I said it — RG3 is a success because he is paving his own way, and now he’s become a target because of his individuality.

RG3 does not speak with a street slang accent, he speaks perfect English with perfect diction. RG3 does not dress like someone who looks like he just got out of prison, despite the dreadlocks he is a very clean cut and polite young man. RG3 doesn’t let the politics of race dictate his personal relationships, as he is engaged to be married to Rebecca Litticoat, who happens to be a young white woman. When rumors started recently that RG3 might, just might be a Republican — Well, the Democrats on the left went nuts. They simply couldn’t take it anymore.

This is when Rob Parker made comments on ESPN about how RG3 wasn’t a real brother, he was a “Cornball brother”.  This is a term that I have been thankfully unfamiliar with until now, but it sounds like it means that Mr. Parker is saying that RG3 is not black enough.  Parker went on to say that he’s heard rumors that RG3 is a Republican and he’s not really “down with the cause”, whatever that means.

Shame on Rob Parker for saying that in order to be black enough to play in the NFL, you’ve got to support some kind of radical racial cause.  Is membership to the Black Panthers now a requirement for entry into the NFL that I was not aware of?  Do we really need more examples of “being down with the cause” in the NFL like Michael Vick, or Pacman Jones?  Do football teams really need to hire any more defiant young men who don’t treat football as a profession that demands 100% of their focus?

Mr. Parker, football is a sport that rewards success both on and off the field.  We’ve had many examples of people coming into professional football with immature attitudes of entitlement that have gotten them nowhere.  Just because you get drafted onto an NFL team, that does not mean that your job is over and you can now do whatever you want.  Playing in the NFL, and especially Quarterback in the NFL is a position that requires you to become a role model for the nation’s youth.

I would argue that RG3 is paving the way as someone who can be a role model for ALL of the nation’s youth, and not just young black inner city youths.  I know that people like Mr. Parker assume that pandering to young black kids is all RG3 should be doing, but it’s obvious that RG3 wants to be so much more than that.  I’m sorry if it is disappointing for you that he doesn’t sag his pants, he doesn’t go out clubbing with gangster rappers every weekend, and I’m sorry but he’s not hosting high stakes dog fights in his back yard.  When you heard that he was engaged to a white woman, and he might be a Republican — well that news must have simply destroyed you emotionally.

RG3 seems like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders, and I really hope his success continues.  He’s demonstrating that hard work and focus can really pay off in life, and he doesn’t feel that he needs to concern himself with what anybody thinks of him.  It will be a great thing for kids of all colors in our nation to have someone like RG3 to look up to as he grows as a football player, and develops into a man before our eyes.  NFL teams should pay more attention to character when they draft college football players, and they should draft more players like RG3.


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