Fox News Stunner: Michelle Fields


Just when you thought that the cast of Fox News couldn't get any better, we have a new up and commer to recognize as one of the lovliest ladies in broadcast news — Michelle Fields.  Michelle Fields is a long haired redhead who's pillow-lipped personality shows through on air as a woman who is not only gorgeous, but incredibly intelligent as well.  Her smile definitely brightens our day each time we see her on the Fox Business Network, and we're sure it will brighten yours as well.

Surely the left will be around in no time flat to accuse Fox News of hiring "yet another brain dead bimbo" to report the news, but thankfully there are those of us who understand that this is their favorite ridiculous line to bring out.  To them, Fox News anchors are not real women — but rather robots and clones, which are created in a lab in order to do the bidding of rich old white men.  It certainly seems that leftists believe if you are a woman that does not keep your hair cut in a 70's bob while wearing pant-suits that make you look like a walking fashion don't, you simply can't be taken seriously as an intelligent woman.  To them, if you don't have a permanent scowl on your face, and you aren't part of a sham, sexless marriage — How can you possibly consider yourself a feminist who believes in women's rights?

Michelle Joann Fields graduated from Pepperdine University in 2011, and is received instant fame for going toe to toe with Matt Damon over education reform during one of her earliest interviews on television:

Michelle Fields has also made a name for her while reporting on Fox New's "The Daily Caller" as someone who isn't afraid to go into "Occupy Wall Street" camps in various parks to confront protestors.  She was famously pushed to the ground in New York by a police officer during one of her stories, and has been verbally accosted in Washington DC by the great unwashed as well.  This type of fearless conservative reporting that puts herself in the line of fire on a regular basis shows that Michelle is not afraid to get her perfectly manicured hands dirty when the story calls for it.

And now our tribute to Fox News Anchor Michelle Fields, in pictures — Enjoy!:

A Michelle FIelds Wall Paper for you:

Michelle FIelds and S.E. Cupp together — A match made in heaven:

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