Has The Middle Class Already Gone Off The Fiscal Cliff?

While the sleazy politicians in Washington are still trying to argue to some agreement on the so called fiscal cliff, it begs the question if the result isn’t going to just throw more cold water on an already wrecked middle class in America.  Many would argue that we went off the fiscal cliff years ago, and have never been able to recover.

Look back to the late 90′s and early 2000′s, when many Americans were working high paying jobs and enjoying great benefits.  Many of us had stock options, or annual bonuses that were giving us great returns, and our home values were steadily rising.  Most Americans felt very confident at that time that they would have enough for retirement, and to help their kids out along the way.

Flash forward to today, and you’ll find that close to 30% of Americans either can’t find a job at all, or are working for a company that they believe doesn’t pay them enough, and offers inadequate benefits.  The economy has sputtered so much that instead of offering employees competitive pay and benefits, they now mostly have an attitude that you are just lucky to have a job.  Christmas bonuses have completely evaporated, there is no such thing as stock options for most employees anymore, and getting equity in your company as an employee is a complete pipe dream.

Do I even have to mention the real estate market?  While housing has come close to hitting a bottom, in many parts of the country home prices are still not rising.  Many people owe as much or more than their homes are worth on mortgages that are not refinancable.  The government has made it difficult on small landlords to maintain or grow their businesses because mortgages are next to impossible to attain right now, but especially for second homes and rental property.  While there are many good values out there, the government has done everything within their power to keep the little guy from profiting.

The student loan bubble in America is steadily increasing as many Americans decided it would be important to return to school during this economic downturn in order to better prepare themselves to find a good job if the economy ever turns around.  Many students thought it would be a good idea to live off of their student loans while they went to school, which caused them to incur even more debt.  The result has been students taking out loans into the 6 figures in order to get jobs that pay $40,000 per year.  There is virtually no hope that these students will ever be able to pay back their student loans, and many are in deferment or suspended while they try to make ends meet.  Ultimately the student loan bubble will collapse in America, and when it does it’s going to make the mortgage crisis look like a blip on the radar.  There is so much more government backed frivolous debt in student loans than any other segment of our economy right now.

All of this occurs while President Obama disregards the economy, and continues to push his radical leftist agenda for America.  In Obama-land, it doesn’t matter if you have an abundance of student debt, or a home you can’t pay for, or credit cards you can’t pay on.  Somebody else will pay for that.  In Obama-land, it’s the content of your character that matters and not how much money you make, or how much you contribute to society.  If you do happen to succeed against all odds in this economy, you will be taxed into submission — Paying for someone else’s mistakes while you are punished for your own success.

This is why communism, Marxism, and socialism are so evil folks.  They completely deincentivize society to the point where soon nobody will even want to try.  What will be the use in trying to achieve great things and building a big business if you know that the government is just going to take it all away from you one day?  In Obama-land, anybody with a decent job or income is now responsible for paying for 47% of the society who contributes nothing, and expects others to pay their way.  We have created a massive entitlement based portion of the population now where they ask what their country can do for them, rather then what they can do for their country.  John F. Kennedy would be ashamed if he were alive today, and he’d also be a Republican.

While so many of our well-meaning liberal friends were voting based on social issues in the last election, they’ve completely decimated our economy with their actions.  Elections have consequences folks, and if you voted for Obama because of gay marriage, or abortion, or any number of sidebar issues — you did exactly what they wanted you to do, which was to ignore the economy.  While I’d agree that those issues are important, and they have their place — it’s also important to recognize that not once in our recent history has a Republican politician ever made an attempt to change abortion law, or forever ban gays from getting married.  In addition, no Democrat has taken action to propose a national amendment to the constitution permitting gay marriage, or solidifying women’s rights to abortion.

With all of this said, if you wasted your vote on President Obama because you thought he was going to take further action on these issues, you screwed over every American today that is looking for work, or working a job that doesn’t pay enough.  When the economy is in the dumps, the only prescription to revive it is a healthy dose of free market capitalism and pro-growth politics.  We used to teach these values in elementary school, back in the 80′s when every child was taught that free market capitalism is what made America the best country in the world.  Now when over 50% of America has a favorable view of socialism, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, it is clear that those values are no longer being taught.

Children in America are being taught Altruism, and that you are not responsible for your own actions — society is.  As we find out the gruesome facts of the Connecticut elementary school massacre, and the heroes of Sandy Hook are now coming to light — Nobody is asking what was wrong with this man.  Instead they are asking what can society do to stop this from happening again.  The principal and school psychologist at Sandy Hook knew what was required to stop the gunman, and that is why they died trying to rush him.  If only they had been armed sufficiently to save more lives.

You see folks, the problem with America today is that our values have changed.  We used to treasure personal responsibility, and protect the rights of the individual.  Now we only see the collective, and want to build a better village at the expense of the individual.  We don’t trust people to make decisions for themselves, and think we must legislate protection for every American from the womb to the tomb. I would contend that these values are not consistent with what made America great, and have put us on track to be a mediocre country full of sad miserable people.

If you give a man his freedom he has everything, but if you take it away — he will slowly die inside.  We’ve got to turn things around.  We’ve got to change.  We’ve got to remind our kids what made America great, and restore those key and truly American values that we once all shared.  If we continue down this path of destruction, we will truly be lost.



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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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