Is Jeb Bush the Answer to the Republican’s Problem?

This week Jeb Bush and some of his former political team were spotted meeting in a hotel steps from the White House. Apparently Jeb’s official story is that he is in Washington DC to promote education reform. He remained coy, but did not say that he wouldn’t run for President in 2016 — which has many Republicans excited about his political future. Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican-born lady who would certainly help to solve our problem with attracting the Latino vote. Could Colomba Bush be in line to be the first Latina first lady of the United States?

Either way, this wouldn’t exactly be an easy road for Jeb Bush. Many on the right side of the aisle are still reeling over 8 years of George W. Bush, where spending was allowed to get out of control and most of our conservative agenda was swept aside or unable to be accomplished. Many on the left had an immense hatred for George W. Bush, and they might be licking their chops at the opportunity to take on another Bush on the national stage. Many independents might be wondering why the Republicans keep going back to the well here, and why they don’t seem to be able to produce any new and exciting candidates? We’ve proven that we can attract great minority and female candidates, so should we not explore offering some of these relative newcomers a chance at party leadership?

Who will be the GOP candidate for President of the United States in 2016? The world waits….

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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