Legalization of Pot — The Next Great Republican Issue?

In recent election both Washington State and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for use by the general population, and in Colorado you are now allowed to own up to 6 plants for your personal use.  Married couples can have up to 12 pot plants in their homes with no repercussions!  This is nuts for sure, as I never thought I’d be growing up in a country where people openly admitted to, and could legally smoke pot.

Being raised by a firmly Republican military family that despised dope smoking hippies, I know what most of you are thinking.  Most of us Republicans were raised that pot heads are filthy bums who need to get the hell off of our lawns.   In my experience that is actually a fairly accurate description.  The drug generally makes them apathetic, lethargic, and they don’t go on to accomplish much.  But what if I told you that I believe the legalization of marijuana could be the next great win for the Republican party nationwide?

Let me explain.  47% of this country currently does not pay any taxes.  As Mitt Romney reminded us so candidly, they don’t take responsibility for their lives, they outside the realm of the capitalist system.  These people walk between the rain drops to suck up government services and welfare payments, but never pay anything back in.  These people are 99% Democrats folks, and what do a lot of these people have in common?

Well, let’s say that a great deal of them smoke pot and until now have been sending millions of dollars annually outside of the country to Mexico, or underground through the black market.  Their consumer purchases involve no sales tax, and put wealth into people’s pockets (drug dealers) who also report no income, and pay no tax.   Not only that, but we’re funding a mufti-billion dollar drug war to try to stop marijuana, and it’s not working.  It has been a complete waste of our tax dollars so far.

By placing a 25-50% tax on marijuana sales once legalized, it essentially allows us to collect tax from the 47% like never before.  These folks will no longer be allowed to walk around and enjoy the fruits of the rest of our labor.  We will no longer have to pay for their health care, their kids school, their food, and their shelter.  By legalizing and taxing marijuana, you can instantly stop millions of dollars from leaving this country and going to cartels in Mexico.  The economic boon from legalization has already been seen in many counties that have legalized medical marijuana throughout the nation.

It might be anticipated that states who get in early on legalization like Colorado and Washington state can soon drop their state income taxes.  By collecting plenty of taxes on legalized marijuana — they might find themselves running huge state surpluses soon enough, and finding no need to tax their people with income tax.  As an overtaxed Republican, this is something I am looking forward to very much.

Legalization of pot can be seen as a personal liberty issue as well.  As long as people use it in the privacy of their own homes, like alcohol or cigarettes — Who is the government to say that they can not?  Personal liberty is something that the Republican party needs to stand for once again, and it will pay dividends in the next presidential election.  Our message of libertarianism wins with voters, and will pull over many Democrats like Reagan did with his Goldwater Republicanism in the 1980′s.

Overall, legalization of marijuana would be a smart issue for the Republican party to embrace for many reasons.  The Democrats haven’t openly embraced it yet, leaving the door open for us.  Legalization of pot fits perfectly with the Republican party’s message of personal liberty and getting the government out of our lives.  Legalization should lower crime in many places, and boost local economies as we stop money flowing out of the country to Mexico.  Also it will be great to have the flexibility to stop spending so many federal tax dollars on trying to stop pot smugglers, and start using that money for something else like tax breaks.  And ultimately, legalization of pot might be the only way to get the so-called “47%” of our nation who pay no tax to become invested in our country again.

About Rogue Elephant

I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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