Obama and the Left Desperate To Pin Boston Bombing on “Right Wing Extremists”

bostonHas there been a rush-to-judgment regarding the Patriots' Day bombings in Boston yesterday?  I think the left is doing their best to use this tragedy to their political advantage.  Let's examine the facts:

After the horrific bombing that occurred in Boston yesterday, it took just minutes for the despicable blob that is Michael Moore to begin posting messages on his Twitter feed accusing right wing groups of being responsible.  I'm sure he wishes so badly that this is true.  Only a  few short hours after the bombs went off, anchors on CNN were carelessly speculating that such actions must have been those of "Right Wing Extremists".  CNN is in-the-can for Obama, so we knew this was coming.  Obviously having got the memo from the Obama administration, they sprung into full-on spin mode, in order to hype the administrations agenda using the old adage "Never let a good tragedy go to waste!"

This was before it started to leak out that the FBI actually had their eyes set on a 20 year old Saudi man here on a student visa who was picked up burned after running from the blast yesterday.  Many news outlets are still not reporting this, probably because they don't want to be politically incorrect and assume that the bomber must be Middle-Eastern (Islam is a religion of peace, remember?) — but, according to the Today show this morning, the FBI also served a search warrant on this man's home last night and interviewed two other men who were living there.  It should only be a matter of hours before the CIA and FBI will get whatever information the Saudi intelligence service has on this man, and we will know whether or not he was involved.

With plenty of evidence staring us in the face to the contrary, the left seems rabid to begin blaming right wingers for this attack.  Somehow the left still believes it is plausible that a right wing group would use "tax day" and "Patriot's day" as an opportunity to explode a bomb in a crowd of unarmed civilians, horribly wounding hundreds in an effort to put forth an anti-Obama agenda?  Forgive me, but that just sounds like the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard.  Right wing groups are generally not violent, and would rather protest peacefully wearing three-pointed patriot hats, or re-enact the Boston tea party than be involved in a bombing.  They would never want to embolden our enemies in the middle east. Even the ones who do tote guns are primarily a reactionary group.  They are the doomsday peppers, or the SHTF guys who want to be ready if the federal government turns on them.  They don't go out and take an offensive posture attacking innocent people in a crowded square. Tim McVeigh may have been the exception, but even as gruesome as his bomb attack was (Killing children in a daycare center) — his primary target was a Federal building in Oklahoma city.  There appear to be no federal targets anywhere near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but instead just a high concentration of people — giving a terrorist the optimal place to create the most fear.boston1

To me, and anyone with common sense — this action was clearly pulled off by Al Qaeda.  Not only do you have their trademark bombing style of setting a primary charge, and then exploding a secondary device when emergency workers rush in — But they also have attacked innocent people in a crowded area in hope of creating maximum terror.   They had vowed to make us bleed in return for killing Osama Bin Laden, and it would appear they have done just that (The only question is: What took them so long?).

There was a Jordanian terrorist leader who praised the attack yesterday, saying that he was happy to see Americans bloodied and killed because their lives are no more valuable than the people who have died by our soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq.  You can once again bet that anti-America demonstrators are dancing in the streets in places like Pakistan, and Israel, because they live for this kind of stuff.  The only thing that doesn't point to Al Qaeda is that the bomber in this case did not blow himself up like so many suicide bombers do across the middle east.  It would appear that the perpetrator in this case was either too cowardly to do so, or perhaps wishes to remain alive to continue to inflict mass casualties in the future with more bombings.

Back to the leftists in power wanting to use this incident as an excuse to further push their radical agenda of taking away our freedoms in America:  In the White House we've currently got a president who is pushing gun control like no other president before.  He believes the IRS has the right to read your e-mail, and confiscate your wages with little process or question.  He wants every gun owner in America to be placed on a list so that the ATF can begin going into people's homes and confiscating their weapons.  You've got a man who was not only satisfied with defeating the Republicans in a recent presidential election, but also has become known for wanting to crush the Republican party into dust.  You have a man who has done nothing to reverse the Patriot Act, and has only expanded the use of warrantless searches and seizures under his reign.  You have an opportunist who believes that tragedies exist for furthering of his political agenda, and can always be twisted in a way to puts negative focus on his political opponents. 

In the coming days we'll learn more about the origins of this despicable act, but don't be surprised in the coming days to hear the Obama administration shift the focus of this investigation towards "right wing extremists".  If a bomber is not identified quickly with irrefutable evidence, this could quickly spin out of control.  You'll begin to hear the term "Right Wing Extremist" more and more on the nightly news, and see coverage focus back to "militia groups", and "anti-tax activists".  You'll see this tragedy used as an excuse to order federal agencies to raid "compounds" (They love to use that word also) in order to confiscate weapons, and serve search warrants (Or just do warrantless searches under the Patriot Act).  Whatever your politics, actions like these should frighten you.

Regardless of who is found to be the guilty party, this tragedy will undoubtedly be used to take away your freedoms in one way or another.  The only question is how, and when.

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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