Obama’s Illegal Use Of Executive Orders To Promote Gun Control

Imagine the most stunning futuristic novel you've ever read about government tyranny, and liberty being crushed under the jack boot of people who were hired to protect their citizens.  Maybe you would imagine a mysterious man who emerges from the shadows, seemingly without a past — who seizes power of the United States in one of the most unconventional rises to power ever recorded.  You might imagine a man who had sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution actually using every measure of his power to subvert, and deny the laws written into the very document.  Perhaps you would imagine political campaigns that have become masterful exercises in manipulation where the populace is so easily swayed on emotion from one issue to the next, until they actually start voting for their freedoms to be taken away willfully.  You're no longer just imagining it my friends — For these are the times we live in today, in 2013.


I don't think I'm alone when I say that the thought of a United States President using executive orders so that he can pass sweeping legislation to circumvent the second amendment is the stuff of futuristic novels like George Orwell's 1984.  This is the stuff of fiction, and extremism, and tyranny that most never believed would become reality.  And yet now, I pen this as President Obama has threatened openly to use the power of the executive branch in order to ram gun control down the throats of the American people against their will.  I say against their will, because obviously if the American people were in favor of such actions — legislation could easily pass through congress and become law the way our founders had intended government to operate.  Our congressmen and women have vowed to fight such legislation, and therefore our president has decided to act more like a tyrannical king than a democratically elected leader.  For unilateral action that disregards both houses of Congress is the stuff that dictators are made of, not leaders of the free world.


And still, most of the country sees this going on and completely disregards the danger we're in.  If you talk about wanting to hang onto your weapons for a day when the American people might have a showdown (i.e.. Civil War) with their government, most on the left will look at you like you are crazy.  They refuse to acknowledge that such tyranny exists in the world, even though they were the ones just 5 years ago threatening to move to Canada because of George W. Bush, and wanting to have him prosecuted for his "illegal" wars overseas, etc.  While the shoe now seems on the other foot, it is important to point out that President Obama's policies are far more targeted and calculating than anything we've seen from past regimes on both sides of the aisle.  There is a certain evil that is becoming evident from his agenda, and it is becoming more clear each passing day that he won't be satisfied with simply winning the election.  President Obama wants to systematically destroy the Republican party, and everyone in the country that has the audacity to call themselves a conservative.  He wants to rebrand conservative ideals as crazy lunacy that are too outrageous to be believed seriously.  If you watch the news lately, you can see that he's already been somewhat successful in doing so.

Second amendment rights are a cornerstone of our American culture, and are considered to be absolutely sacred by those of us on the right.  After President Obama won the election of 2012 by lying to the American people about his support of the second amendment, he immediately set his sights on guns in his second term.  With one phone call, noted gun-grabber Dianne Feinstein sprung into action — as if she had been told to have legislation prepared, and to be standing by when needed.  Joe Biden was sent to work on "common sense" gun control measures, such as forcing innocent Americans to register their firearms with the government so that your government will always know where your guns are, and how to come collect them when the time comes.  It's just common sense right?  If you disagree, then you will surely be labeled a zealot who dares to believe that our Constitution is sacred, and that our founders meant what they said about an armed citizenry being the only protection the people have against tyranny from their own government.

Meanwhile we've got this giant federal agency that exists called the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency, which seems to be tasked with Nazi-like roundups of innocent Americans, and the confiscation of their legally owned firearms.  You only have to look to the incidents that occurred at Waco, and Ruby Ridge in order to catch a glimpse into what the ATF is capable of, and how their power can easily be abused.  Of course if you don't remember, the ATF was sent to the cult compound in Waco because of a huge stockpile of illegal firearms that had been reported to exist there.  After they burned the compound to the ground and killed every man, woman, and child inside — no such stockpile was ever found.  At the incident at Ruby Ridge, the ATF murdered a man's wife and child while trying to arrest him for missing a firearms related court date, only to find that the court date he had on his paperwork hadn't happened yet.  Do we really need to keep maintaining such an agency with our tax dollars?  Why do they even exist in the first place?  Is there a problem with alcohol and tobacco in this country that I am not aware of, which requires the federal government to be involved?  Is there some issue with firearms that can't be handled by our local police, federal marshals, or FBI?  I would encourage you to consider how this agency exists in the shadows, and can easily be ramped up in times like this in order to terrorize and raid innocent gun owners.  Think of how Thomas Jefferson warned us of the dangers of standing armies, and yet we have huge standing armies in the form of these federal agencies that exist in our country right now — Ready to go to work against the American people at a moments notice.

The catch phrase that has come out recently that has really caught on has been "If it saves just one life!".  For example, "If it saves just one life — we should ban all firearms in this country!", or "If it saves just one life, we should register ever gun in this nation with a federal computer system in Washington DC!"  Don't be mistaken folks, this term hasn't been chosen at random for Democratic talking points.  This term along with "We just want COMMON SENSE reforms" are terms that have been chosen because they will be most acceptable to the ears of the American people.  They have been chosen because they subtly reinforce that their position is right, and every other position on the subject is wrong.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if I were to find out that these terms were carefully chosen and vetted by professionals in the art of persuasion within the Obama camp.  I say this because the man has shown us that he is a master manipulator when it comes to campaigning and using every technology at his disposal to sway the American people and win elections.  Would you really be shocked to learn that Obama has a team of psychologists and marketing professionals in his lair who help him put this stuff together in order to control the great unwashed masses?  Think about it.

These are scary times to be living in the United States of America folks.  I don't think I've ever been this frightened that our government would single me out personally for my views, or try to limit my Constitutional rights.  If you also feel bullied, belittled, and singled out by your government then you are not alone!  There has never been a time to be more vigilant than now for those of us on the right.  As we have watched so-called civilized countries in Europe systematically "ethnically cleanse" their populations throughout the recent years, it is not so far-fetched to believe that our government may decide to begin cleansing the United States of people who disagree with the direction that this nation is headed in.  Is it so outrageous to believe that if President Obama is willing to use executive orders to bypass congress, he may use executive orders for other extreme measures in the future?   Maybe if you refuse to turn in your guns when asked, you'll suddenly be made a criminal and forced into prison.  Naturally there would be so many people that wouldn't comply with such laws that huge sprawling prison camps would need to be created in order to house the number of people we'd be talking about.  Before you knew it, maybe they wouldn't be able to feed everybody in the camps three meals a day — because the government only has so much money, and there are just too many people in the camps.  People would begin starving to death and dying as political prisoners.

Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  This is exactly what has happened in countries like China, Germany, Cambodia, Rwanda, Croatia, and the list goes on.  To say that it could never happen here is the epitome of ignorance, my friends.  To say that you don't need to fear your government is naive beyond naive.


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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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