Is It Time For Armed Marshall To Be Stationed At Schools?

Today, the nation mourns as we discover details of the slaughter of innocent kindergarten children in Newtown Connecticut.  Once again a horribly depraved and mentally ill human being has given a bad name to lawful gun owners everywhere, because he used firearms to commit mass murder.  President Obama has already been seen on TV today saying that something must be done, and that these tragedies occur too often in this country.  Many are already speculating that this is going to be an easy opening for the Democrats to once again bring up the long dead issue of gun control.  Let’s not rush to judgement, and hope that the President does not use this tragedy to push a radical anti-gun agenda that we have no evidence that he has supported so far in his presidency.

While it may be the knee jerk of many on the left to immediately suggest that it’s time to limit gun sales or ammo purchases, it should be pointed out that millions of people own firearms lawfully in this country and almost none of them use firearms to commit crimes.  If you want to look for a common thread that runs through these types of mass shootings, it is not guns — but rather mental illness.  One could definitely argue that we don’t do a good enough job of recognizing mentally ill people in America, and that we need to do a better job of making sure these types of people get on the registry banning them from firearms purchases.

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Conservative Island Evening News… December 14, 2012

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea.

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Conservative Island Evening News… December 13, 2012

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea.

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Bernanke Speaks: Where is the inflation? Is it time to buy Gold & Silver?

While many people on the right are still making a case to fire Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman, it’s difficult to argue with the fact that the man reported yesterday there is still no real sign of inflation to speak of in our economy, despite “Helicopter Ben” pumping millions of dollars of fresh currency into our economy. Many are asking if it’s time to buy gold and silver as a hedge for inflation that must certainly be coming on the horizon? While I don’t fall into the “fire Bernanke” camp myself, I’m going to discuss the issue of buying gold and silver to hedge for inflation in today’s blog.  It’s an important investment decision to make, because buying gold and silver coins could be the difference between keeping your net worth over the next decade, or losing half of it.  Let’s discuss the facts…

Typically in countries that print massive amounts of currency, you see a devaluation of that currency which reflects as inflation in the macro economy.  This can show up in the form of paying more for a gallon of milk, or for a loaf of bread in the grocery store.  Bringing up the topic of investing in gold and silver spurs images of people pushing wheel barrels full of worthless cash to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread, and thankfully we’re showing no signs that such a hyperinflation scenario is in our immediate future.  It would seem that our sluggish economy might be a weight that is holding inflation down while we prop up the stock market with quantitative easing, and huge cash infusions into the economy from the government printing presses.

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Daylight Come, and Me Wanna Live In A Communist Dictatorship…

Harry Belafonte re-emerged this week on the Al Sharpton show (Apparently Al Sharpton has his own TV shown now on MSNBC?  Who knew…) to say that President Obama should act like a third world dictator and throw all of his opposition in jail for “violating the American desire”. How quaint, it’s only been a month since Mitt Romney narrowly lost the American Presidential Election, and we’ve already got radical leftists emerging to say that conservative leaders should be jailed. What’s next, executed like they do in Communist China? This type of rhetoric goes to show that liberalism is more tied to Communism than the nightly news, or the mainstream media would ever allow you to believe. Tyranny, oppression, and slavery are all in the future for any country who allows itself to fall victim to such radical and insane leftist views.

This comes as no shock to many of us on the right, who already feel like we’re living in exile within our own nation.  Going further underground than we’ve ever had to in the past.  While we hide out and to get through these dark times, more and more Marxists, Socialists, and outright Communists like Mr. Belafonte are going to  come out of their holes.  They are going to make statements like this, as if their views are mainstream — In the hopes of steamrolling those of us who would disagree with them while we are down.

During these tough times, I can’t stress enough the importance of challenging people on these radical views.  For too long the conservative movement in America has been known as the “silent majority”, because we typically go about our business and don’t wish to be too confrontational.  God forbid we might hurt the feelings of some radical leftists who are testing the boundaries of common decency right now.  People like Belafonte shouldn’t be allowed to make statements like these and get away with them, period.  His face should be plastered all over every major news network and he should be exposed as a traitor to democracy and this nation.

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