How Can I Lower My Tax Burden?

So many of my affluent friends who are high earners are worried about the coming tax increases under President Obama.  Many of us are already paying over 50% of our income in taxes when you add up our Federal Income Taxes, State Income Taxes, Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, Self-Employment Taxes, and the list goes on.  Now the government wants us to pay even more.  How can we lower our effective tax rates, you might be asking?

Well I’m not a tax professional, so I can dispense professional advice, but I can tell you what many of my friends are doing to lower their effective tax rates.  If you are open to relocation, first check out my previous blog “Top 10 Island Tax Havens You Can Retire or Relocate To” .  While relocation is not an option for many of us, because we have kids in school, family, or other responsibilities — I’ll give some details on how to lower your tax burden below without relocating.

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Can the GOP beat Hillary Clinton in 2016? Gingrich says “No”…

Newt Gingrich has always been one of my favorite leaders of the Republican party.  The man was responsible for leading congress to set America up for huge success, even working under Democratic President Bill Clinton in the 1990′s, and he’s one of the few Republicans that you can honestly say “Things outside the box” on a routine basis.  Newt Gingrich is smart, witty, and one of the most experienced political operatives we have.  When Newt voices an opinion, you can take it to the bank.

Former GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told "Meet The Press" that should Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016, the current Republicans would be "incapable of competing." (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

With that said, New Gingrich has come out and said this week on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that there is no way the Republican party can compete with Hillary Clinton in 2016 in it’s current state.  The exact quote was, ““Trying to win that will truly be the Super Bowl,” said Gingrich. “The Republican Party of today is truly incapable of competing at that level.”

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Dating Tips For Young Conservative Women…

I was in a restaurant the other night, and I heard two young ladies ranting to each other about how there are no “good men” left, and how they are going to be single forever, blah blah blah….  I took one look at them and I could assess instantly why they both were not finding success in the dating world, so instead of confronting them  — I decided to write this blog entry to try and be of help to ladies everywhere.  For those of you who float through life hoping that “the one” is just going to walk in without you putting forward any effort, I’m sorry to break it to you that this is not a romantic comedy. You have to view dating as a business, and you are the product. If you want to find the perfect mate, you are going to have to invest the time and effort. This dating advice comes from an attractive “wealthy” (According to Obama) conservative male, who dated for 15 years before finding “the one” and settling down Enjoy —


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Alex P. Keaton – American Icon, Republican Hero…

As a child growing up in the 1980’s, I had limited TV to choose from.  It’s not like today where kids have 300 channels, and a dozen with non-stop cartoons twenty four hours a day.  When I got home from school, I could choose between watching Bewitched re-runs, or Family Ties.  After watching a couple of episodes, and falling in love with the character of Alex P. Keaton (Played by Michael J. Fox), the decision was made – I was a Family Ties man.

The character of Alex P. Keaton interested me, because he wasn’t a traditional rebel.  He wore a suit and tie to school, occasionally a polo shirt, carried a briefcase, and was an unabashed unapologetic conservative Republican.  Alex worshipped Milton Friedman, referencing that he was his favorite economist several times on the show.  He also resisted hippy indoctrination by his free-love parents who seemed forever trapped in the 1960’s.

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Conservative Island Evening News… December 9, 2012

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea.

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