Book Review: Republican Party Reptile, by P.J. O’Rourke

[I Love P.J. O'Rourke!  He is a classic Goldwater Republican who just doesn't give $&%%!  Enjoy my review of his greatest book ever...]

When most people think of a hardcore Republican, they conjure up images of a deprived, monochromatic, religious zealot who home schools their children in a bomb shelter somewhere outside of town.  This stereotype completely ignores the Boozing, gun toting, younger woman chasing, pro-business side of the party which has been silently growing in popularity for years.

In P.J. O Rourkes book – Republican Party Reptile – P.J. - through some of his best essays provides insight into this silent minority.  Past Republican party reptiles have included the likes of George W. Bush (Before being born again), John Wayne, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin who once quipped, “They want me to march in Washington, but I cant even walk”

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I know we’re all supposed to be mad at Korean rapper PSY today…

After it was disclosed that he recorded an anti-American rap about the Iraq war 8 years ago, Korean rapper PSY came out and apologized profusely in a letter to the American people this week.

I know that we’re supposed to be angry with the man, but I just can stay mad at the man who gave us all of this. You’ve given us something to smile about in times that were so dark and depressing many of us didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

PSY — You are forgiven, just don’t do it again, ok?

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Are Fox News Blondes Clones?

Here at Conservative Island we’re huge fans of Fox News, obviously, and even bigger fans of Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Earhardt and some of their colleagues on the anchor desk.  Here’s a quick tribute to the lovely women of Fox news, from those of us who adore you — Enjoy…

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What are the Most Conservative Colleges in America?

Love wearing suits and ties to high school?  Enjoy golfing on the weekends?  Looking to make a million dollars and achieve the true American dream? Maybe Alex P. Keaton was your idle since all of those Family Ties re-runs you’ve been watching as a kid?

Maybe, just maybe — a Conservative College is in your future, young American! Lucky for you, we’ve gone through the trouble to compile a list of the most conservative colleges throughout the American university system. Well ok, we didn’t really compile them, we got it from the Princeton review — but come on, it took effort on our part!

Top 10 Most Conservative Colleges in America, from the Princeton Review:

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Who are Conservatives in America?

Conservatism seems to be a dying ideology if you look at the rest of the world for guidance.  Almost every other western nation has succumbed to liberalism in one form or another, be it socialism, Marxism, or even communism.  In the words of Ronald Reagan, America is the last stand for freedom on this Earth and there is nowhere to retreat to.

Maybe you are an American liberal, and you’ve been asking yourself this question.  Or maybe you are in a foreign nation, and you are trying to figure out what drives Americans to be conservatives.  Who are conservatives in America you wonder?  I’ll spend a little time explaining it in this article.  Let’s explore conservatives in America together…

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