Republican Celebrities — Top 40 Republican Celebrities

We’re making a list, and checking it twice — of Republican Celebrities!

Republican Celebrities are something that aren’t supposed to exist.  We’re clearly taught by the media that Republicans don’t exist in Hollywood, and Republican Celebrities would be too shy to come out of the closet if they do in fact exist.  Want to find out which Republican celebrities might have voted for Mitt Romney with you this year?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Republican Celebrities.

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How to Get Rich Slowly in America?

In America we place a lot of emphasis on great Americans who have propelled themselves forward by achieving massive success in a short period of time.  When I was a young conservative, growing up in America — I grew up poor, but was surrounded by many wealthy friends.  As I got to know their parents, and learn their businesses — I realized that these people had actually perfected the art of “getting rich slow” in America, and it’s an easy formula that anyone can use.  The formula to getting rich slow is so simple, you’ll literally kick yourself when you read this:

Get RIch Slow!

1). Stay out of Debt!

One of the keys to getting rich slow in America is to resist the temptation to go into debt.  If you must go into debt to buy something, pay it off quickly.  Debt can spiral out of control, and wreck your dreams of wealth period.

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What is the Estimated Wealth / Net Worth of Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is America’s anchor man, and one of the greatest American success stories in the Republican party. Truly a man who pulled himself up from nothing, without even a college education, Rush Limbaugh’s net worth now far exceeds anything he could have ever dreamed of.

Question: What is the estimated wealth or Net Worth of Rush Limbaugh?

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Sarah Palin Calls President Obama a Socialist….

Former Republican Party Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin went on the record on Monday night. Never one to be afraid to speak her mind, you can always trust Sarah Palin to come out and say what she means.  Palin called President Obama a socialist who is “loving socialism”, and implied that our country is on a path towards communism with him at the helm.  These are dangerous times we live in folks!

(Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was the Republican party vice presidential candidate in 2008)

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Bob Costas Has Clarified His Remarks On Gun Control….

After a couple of days of horrendous publicity on the Internet and elsewhere, Bob Costas came out yesterday with a statement that was read by one of his representatives.  Apparently Bob doesn’t want to come out and speak in person, so he’s hiding behind a publicist.  Costas is now infamous for the gun control commercial he made on Sunday Night Football this week in the middle of halftime. Viewers were shocked, not used to hearing editorials on gun control while trying to enjoy a sporting event. In the statement, the representative mentioned that Bob Costas actually supports lawful gun ownership for hunting, and in controlled environments.

So basically, it’s much worse than we thought folks!  Bob Costas is for complete Canada-style banning of firearms, except for hunting and controlled situations.  Gee Bob, I thought we were living in America — but maybe you’d prefer Nazi Germany?

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