Why Is The Federal Government Stockpiling Ammo!?!?

I'm not one to get on board with the conspiracy theory wackos that patrol the Internet.  However, months ago those types of guys including Alex Jones, Michael Savage, etc started reporting this story and I barely took notice.  The story came out that the United States Department of Homeland Security had begun stockpiling bullets.  Not just a few bullets either, but enough ammo to fight a war inside the United States for over twenty years (1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition). I mention fighting a civil war because the type of ammo being purchased by the DHS includes mainly hollow point bullets, which apparently are illegal for international warfare (Who knew?  Thanks Forbes!).  They've also got an order to load up on millions of sniper rifle rounds, which can only be used to pick people off at long distances. 

Like I said, I cast this story aside thinking that there must have been a reason — until I saw that Forbes had picked up the story today, and had thrown their reputation behind getting the word out about this.  Apparently it's not just ammo, but also armored personnel carriers.  That's right folks, the United States is now shipping home hundreds of armored personnel carriers from our overseas wars, which come complete with anti-IED and mine capabilities.  Why would APC's need to patrol American streets encountering IED's, you might ask? 

I was asking myself the same question.  The whole thing wreaks of some sort of "Red Dawn" scenario, where Americans are in full revolt against their own government (The original movie was actually about resisting an invasion by the Communists, but many are now looking to this movie as something that could really happen if Americans end up at odds with their own government at some point.) — Last I checked, however, there is no pending thread from any revolutionary group inside the United States, and even the most loyal right wingers are not advocating taking up arms against the Feds.  Pardon the expression, but this just seems like overkill by our Department of Homeland Security (waka waka waka).

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Conservative Democrats: A Dying Breed?

Recently the mainstream media has spent a lot of time focused on how divided our nation is.  With the sequester happening, and the failure of President Obama to show leadership to get a deal done — many Americans are wondering how we got here.  In the past, politicians from both sides were able to make deals because they had a lot more in common than their collective differences.  Specifically there were always a group of conservative Democrats in congress that could be counted on to cross the aisle and vote with Republicans on fiscal and economic issues.  Where have all the conservative Democrats gone?  Let's examine this phenomenon.

(Conservative Democrat from California, Loretta Sanchez wonders where all of the other conservative Democrats have gone — leaving her one of only 14 conservative Democrats in Congress currently!)

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Cigar of the Month Club & Cigar Gift Baskets

Hey Folks!  It's no secret that a lot of conservative guys (and some gals!) love smoking cigars.  I have to admit that there is no feeling in the world like taking a moment for myself on the back patio with a quality cigar.  Just the act of cutting the cigar, removing the ring, and prepping it is enough ritual to make my mouth begin watering.  The smell as I drag a great cigar under my nose, and inhale its intoxicating aroma is simply heaven. 

With that in mind, we've got some great deals to pass on to readers of Conservative Island this week! While you may have read our other blog regarding what cigars Rush Limbaugh Smokes, and how to order them online — We've come across a cigar sampler club that is too good to pass up. The Cigar of the Month Club (Offered by Thompson Cigar) is definitely the gift that keeps on giving, and the conservative in your life who loves smoking stogies is going to love receiving one of these packages from you!  Thompson is a great AMERICAN cigar company that has been around for decades (Anybody remember those Thompsen cigar story Indians we used to have at every corner store when we were kids?  Ahem, Native Americans…. Sorry liberals!)

(Click on the picture, and links for more info)

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S.E. Cupp On The View Discussing Photoshopped Hustler Image

Hat tip to the ladies at The View who finally got something right — Coming to the aid of conservative commentator S.E. Cupp regarding the photo Hustler Photoshopped to show a penis in her mouth.  Often left wing liberals aren't quick to defend a conservative woman who is attacked in a sexist way — But this is one case when those on the left got it right. While Larry Flint at Hustler maintains that the image is “satire”, it was obviously something his magazine put together because they disagree with S.E. Cupp’s political views. We found it offensive and disgusting. We have the video for you below:


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Conservative Women: Jessie Duff Profile

Jessie Duff has made a name for herself recently as being an outspoken proponent for second amendment rights on Fox News, and NRA broadcasts. Jessie Duff is a national and world champion pistol shooter, Taurus team captain, and the co-host of friends of NRA tv series.  Jessie is a fixture in shooting sports around the world, and some say she will be the "Danica Patrick" of the shooting world — Serving as an outspoken role model on the subject of shooting in America.  Jessie recently made her opinions known on the Sean Hannity show regarding proposed assault weapons bans, by demonstrating on TV that the weapons Democrats propose we ban operate exactly like most other firearms on the market.  She demonstrated how a 12 gauge shotgun can actually be much more lethal than a so-called assault weapon, in the right hands.  Jessie is a breath of fresh air in the gun debate, showing the country that women shouldn't be afraid to stand up and be counted when it comes to being strong, independent, and wanting to protect yourself and your family with a firearm.

Now let's look at some pictures, and wallpapers of the gorgeous Jessie Duff:

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