How to Celebrate a Second Term? Obamas plan 20 day, $4 million Vacation!

Queue the music folks!  The Obamas are going back on vacation.  It’s been a rough campaign after all, and who deserves it more than our commander in chief?  Preparing to raise taxes on millions of Americans, after convincing most young people that socialism is no longer a dirty word is very, very hard work!  We at Conservative Island would like to wish the Comrade in Chief a very relaxing vacation on the taxpayers dime.  If you’re going to drive us over the Fiscal Cliff, you might as well do it in bermuda shorts.Us worry? Fiscal cliff be damned!  All of that important stuff that he campaigned on needing to do quickly will probably just work itself out and be forgotten over the coming months.

The Hawaii Reporter is now saying that residents of the exclusive limo liberal enclave where the Obamas like to stay in Kailuana Place have been alerted that their beach will be restricted for twenty days while the Obamas come to town, and their waters will be crawling with secret service, coast guard and Navy SEALs.

The costs of the trip, along with putting up all of their friends at a plush Waikiki hotel is planned to come in just south of $4 million dollars.  The biggest expense of the trip is the Obamas use of Air Force 1, which costs about $1.6 million to fly to Hawaii EACH WAY.  Other costs include secret service housing, and hotel rooms for the coast guard staff on hand.

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Exotic locations where you are most likely to meet other Conservatives?

So you’re planning your next vacation already, because the election has you frazzled and you are just ready to get away for awhile.  Only one problem:  You are worried that you are going to run into Democrats that might ruin your vacation!  Fear not… Those of us here at Conservative Island have done extensive research, and we’ve put together a list of exotic locales where you can retreat to while having high odds that you’ll be surrounded by other conservatives.  Enjoy:

1).  The Hilton in Bora Bora — I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my god, it’s FRENCH Polynesia!  Are you insane?” — But let’s face it…  It takes a 20 hour flight to get there, and it’s one of the most expensive tropical vacations possible, so you’re not going to run into a lot of Democrats in Bora Bora.  In addition, the Hilton in Bora Bora has been a Conservative enclave for years, ever since Conrad Hilton gave us secure locations around the globe to hold up in whenever strife breaks out.

2). Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas — While it’s entirely possible that you might run into SOME Democrats in Cabo San Lucas, the odds are going to be lower there than just about anywhere else in Mexico. Cabo is touristy, expensive, and sheik. Conservatives have been vacationing in Cabo San Lucas for many years now, and many own second homes there. Sunset Beach is exclusive, and you will certainly enjoy your stay.

3). The Cayman Islands — Anybody who tells you the Cayman Islands are not loaded with Republicans and Conservatives is probably trying to keep the world’s best secret a secret. Naturally many of us spend a lot of time in the Caymans, because we’re busy hiding our money from greedy Democrats in our offshore bank accounts. Conservatives with means can even retire in the Cayman Islands if they make a substantial real estate investment there. It’s a tax haven that attracts us from around the world, and you are guaranteed not to run into many Democrats there — except maybe the hobo who greets the cruise ships, selling coconuts from a shopping cart!

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W2 or 1099? How to pay the least income tax?

We conservatives are go getter, take-no-prisoners, high achievers. It should be no surprise to anyone that we’re constantly under the gun trying to structure our taxes for the least amount of financial impact on our families. If you are a high income earner, it seems that most companies are offering one of two options. First – you can be a traditional W-2 employee, where the company will pay for a percentage of your benefits and pay half of your social security taxes. Alternatively, you can be a 1099 contractor – which means that you will be responsible for paying 100% of your social security taxes, along with for your benefits.

Advantages of the W-2 status:

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Republicans in Congress Prepare to Eat Excrement Sandwich…. Real Estate Market to Crumble!

Sorry to have to give you a quick dose of reality folks, but for those of you who have not been paying attention for the past year — The Democrats are on track to win this whole “fiscal cliff” debate, and impose their will on the rest of us in January.  It’s basically done right now, and what you are seeing on the news is simply high drama.  That whole election that just happened?  That basically decided that Obama is going to get what he wants, and there is nothing you can do to stop him.

You’ve read it here first folks — Taxes will go up on everybody making over $250,000, even though making $250,000 doesn’t even make you rich in most major cities.  Even if you aren’t making that much — you certainly won’t feel wealthy once they begin to confiscate your money, and close “loopholes” on you.  The Democrats will then find a way to end home mortgage interest deductions on second homes, and vacation properties.  I have a feeling that small landlords will be hurt the worst by this, when the Democrats decide that their multiple mortgages are no longer allowed to qualify for the mortgage interest deduction.  Suddenly, the tax benefits of owning real estate will dry up — and as a result you will see this housing market shrivel up into nothing.  Welcome to a generation of renters, who own nothing — which is exactly what Obama wants.

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Conservative Island Evening News… November 28, 2012

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea.

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