Top 10 tax haven islands to Relocate or Retire to….

So the election is over, and you’re asking yourself where you can retreat to.  While I’ve already discussed in my other blogs that there seems to be no perfect exile hide-a-way for conservatives currently, there are a few options that look promising.  In finding a suitable island for conservatives and Republicans to consider moving to, or possibly retiring on — I took into account a few factors.  Political stability, type of government, and taxes.  Here are a few of my top choices for your review.

10). Isle of Man

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Powerball Fever Gripping The Nation!!! Does this mean liberals have won?

The Powerball Jackpot is expected to be awarded to at least one lucky winner tonight as millions of Americans like up to buy a chance at a $550 Million dollar grand prize.  That person is sure to begin voting Republican once they realize the share the federal government will slice out of that prize,.  We’re human here at Conservative Island, so of course we have our tickets in hand and ready for tonight’s drawing.  As I stare down at my lucky numbers, something just is sticking in my craw on this one — Have the liberals won?

If you look past all of this Powerball hysteria, you see millions of disheartened Americans.  People who are so down on their luck, that only the lure of a huge Powerball lottery prize can get them out of their doldrums. When you watch the news, you see a reflection of our current electorate, as people line up all hoping that their ticket is the lucky one.  Unemployed, maybe working jobs they hate that pay very little, or folks living at home with their Mom and Dad while they are in their 30′s and beyond.

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Markets Up Again in Hopes a Fiscal Cliff Deal Can Be Reached….

Markets were up again today on hopes that a fiscal cliff deal can be reached between Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  While many pundits have been predicting a huge bounce for stocks if a deal is reached, we should preach caution to look before you leap here.

Any such deal is going to make neither side happy.  The proposed austerity measures could impact real estate markets if things like the home mortgage deduction are limited.  Judging by the track record of this socialism regime we currently live under in the United States, one could only guess that such “loopholes” will be closed on small business people who are trying to escape their class. If small landlords get crushed under the weight of such draconian measures, what could that do to stocks like Home Depot, and Lowes?  Could real estate investment trusts take a major dive in the markets?  Could the price of real estate decline once again, after only recently starting to show signs of life?

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The Chinese apparently bought it today when satirical online magazine “The Onion” declared Kim Jong-un of North Korea their “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2012.  It’s easy to believe with this picture of him on a horse floating around the Internet today.  Who cares that he’s killed millions, it’s symbolism over substance that rules the day now.

Seriously folks, it’s just a matter of time before out of breath liberals in the US voted President Obama as their sexiest man alive for real.  Let’s face it, he gave them their free birth control pills, and he’s going to make it his life’s mission to keep Big Bird on TV — So what’s not to love?  All hail the great Obama….

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Thousands of high net worth individuals fleeing America under the Obama regime…

The great Margaret Thatcher once said that we need an incentive economy to produce growth, where the great achievers are allowed to achieve great things without the threat of punishment.  Sadly, we now live in a redistributionist economy where anyone that is successful and achieves great wealth will quickly have much of that wealth confiscated and chopped up among those of greater need.  Don’t call them Marxists or Communists, because they don’t like those terms — but if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck….


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