Desktop Wallpaper: Sexy Women With Guns!

For those of us that respect the 2nd amendment — there is nothing sexier than a woman with a gun, who knows how to use it!  Here are some computer wallpapers of gorgeous ladies with firearms that are sure to upset the liberals in your office!  Enjoy:

(Right click on any of the images below of beautiful women with guns, and then click to make them your new desktop wall paper!)


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Fox News Stunner: Michelle Fields


Just when you thought that the cast of Fox News couldn't get any better, we have a new up and commer to recognize as one of the lovliest ladies in broadcast news — Michelle Fields.  Michelle Fields is a long haired redhead who's pillow-lipped personality shows through on air as a woman who is not only gorgeous, but incredibly intelligent as well.  Her smile definitely brightens our day each time we see her on the Fox Business Network, and we're sure it will brighten yours as well.

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Lovely Ladies Debate Piers Morgan on Gun Control…

Is it just me, or is there anything sexier than a woman with an AR-15, who knows how to use it?

If you agree — I hope you'll enjoy the video below, where unapolagetic red coat liberal Piers Morgan debates two lovely gun-owning ladies, who do a masterful job defending our right to keep and bear arms:

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Protection for Obama’s Kids and Gun Free Zones for Ours…

President Obama, you are truly just another elitist hypocrite.  You want real protection for your kids, but gun free zones for ours.  How dare you criticize the NRA's plan to put armed guards in schools, when your kids don't go anywhere without an armed guard.  When 9/11 occurred and we wanted to stop future airline tragedies, we placed armed air marshals on almost all major flights.  If you are serious about making our kids safer in school, it's obvious to most people that limiting magazine size and taking away a few guns from a few people will do absolutely nothing to achieve that goal.  It's never been about making the kids safer for you though, has it?  You simply want to use the most recent school shooting tragedy as a tool to get what you have always wanted, which are severe limitations on law-abiding charities second amendment rights.  Shame on you.

Check out the NRA's latest video on the subject here:

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Obama’s Illegal Use Of Executive Orders To Promote Gun Control

Imagine the most stunning futuristic novel you've ever read about government tyranny, and liberty being crushed under the jack boot of people who were hired to protect their citizens.  Maybe you would imagine a mysterious man who emerges from the shadows, seemingly without a past — who seizes power of the United States in one of the most unconventional rises to power ever recorded.  You might imagine a man who had sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution actually using every measure of his power to subvert, and deny the laws written into the very document.  Perhaps you would imagine political campaigns that have become masterful exercises in manipulation where the populace is so easily swayed on emotion from one issue to the next, until they actually start voting for their freedoms to be taken away willfully.  You're no longer just imagining it my friends — For these are the times we live in today, in 2013.


I don't think I'm alone when I say that the thought of a United States President using executive orders so that he can pass sweeping legislation to circumvent the second amendment is the stuff of futuristic novels like George Orwell's 1984.  This is the stuff of fiction, and extremism, and tyranny that most never believed would become reality.  And yet now, I pen this as President Obama has threatened openly to use the power of the executive branch in order to ram gun control down the throats of the American people against their will.  I say against their will, because obviously if the American people were in favor of such actions — legislation could easily pass through congress and become law the way our founders had intended government to operate.  Our congressmen and women have vowed to fight such legislation, and therefore our president has decided to act more like a tyrannical king than a democratically elected leader.  For unilateral action that disregards both houses of Congress is the stuff that dictators are made of, not leaders of the free world.

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