Stuck In The American Culture War With You!

Anybody remember Pat Buchanan? He made the now famous speech at the RNC convention back in 1996 about there being a culture war going on in America, and everybody blew him off? Well, now over a decade later — America is a nation in decline, and our decline is clearly being caused by our loss of American culture. When I say American culture, I'm not talking about god NeoCons, sorry. I'm definitely not one to buy into all of this drivel that has been put out there by the NeoCons that want to link the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary to our lack of god in schools. I certainly think that people who choose to include religion in their lives have a right to do so, but the rest of us are just as free to live without it if we so choose. Some of what's been said about the attack on American culture is undeniable, however.

We used to be a proud country that stood on tradition, and that paid homage to our founders. We were a melting pot, where people from all nations would come and adopt our uniquely American culture. Children here were taught in school about why the Declaration of Independence was so important, and how the founding fathers set up our future success with the Bill of Rights. Our Constitution was taught as a sacred document that needed to be upheld at all costs. In school we learned never to apologize for being the best country on Earth, and that the reasons for being the best included a free market economy, lazy fair capitalism, and our rugged individualism. Kids learned that it was embarrassing to take public assistance, and that hard work was something to always be proud of.

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Our Facebook Page Under Attack….

Well folks, a few days ago I never knew such a thing existed — but I awoke this morning to find our Facebook page being attacked by what amounts to be a liberal flash mob.  I guess you know your writing is making an impact when you receive crazy attacks that include death threats, sexual threats, and otherwise from the left.  No kidding folks, these people were foaming at the mouth, and rabid as they went from status update to status update in an organized effort to vandalize our page.  It became quickly clear that their intent was to over run our page with spam, and try to bully us off of the Internet. I’ve never seen anything like it.

My first tip-off that this was some kind of organized effort was last night when I started to receive comments from people with fake profiles.  One women who attacked my position on conservative women being more attractive than liberals had a profile picture up that literally made her look like a zombie.  I have no idea whether it was a real photo or not.  Several of the comments I had this morning were things like, “I’ve got this post, you get the next one!”, and so forth.  They moved like the undead from one post to the next, ravaging and defacing everything they came across.

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Why Does Switzerland Have The Lowest Crime Rate on Earth?

Switzerland is an often forgotten example when liberals point to the gun free zones of Europe.  Would you believe that Switzerland actually requires families to keep an “assault rifle” in every home for national security?  The following is a quick snapshot of a very moving documentary where a Swiss citizen explains why he believes that being armed is important.  He talks about the Jewish holocaust, and how he will never allow himself or his family to ever be in the situation of living under government tyranny.  He gives examples of people being marched off to gas chambers and ovens, etc.  Check it out if you haven’t watched it yet:


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Are Mandatory Gun Confiscations & Buy-Backs Coming?

Over recent days after we’ve heard the NRA’s common sense proposal to put armed guards in schools throughout Americas, Democrats have come forward with what they insist is common sense also.  The only problem is that it’s not, and it amounts to circumventing the constitution and proposing measures that would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves.

Similar to what was proposed and successfully carried out in Australia a few years ago, Senator Dianne Feinstein has proposed that a gun “buy-back” program be put in place by the federal government, wherein lawful gun owners will be highly encourages to bring their guns in to drop-off centers throughout the country for demolition in exchange for cash.  During such a rough economy, it will be interesting to see how many gun owners come forward to surrender their arms in exchange for some much needed cash.  The guns will then be bulldozed into useless scrap, and melted down.

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Petition To Deport Piers Morgan for Attacking The 2nd Amendment!

There is now a White House petition circulating to deport British citizen Piers Morgan, and CNN talk show host for comments he has made to subvert the United States Constitution and attack the 2nd amendment. (Below)

Click here to view and sign the petition.

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