Footage of Union Thugs in Michigan Attacking Steven Crowder (UNEDITED)

The unedited footage of the attack on Fox News comedian Steven Crowder was released today, and clearly shows mobs of union thugs in Michigan grabbing, pushing, and punching Mr. Crowder.  They then proceeded to destroy a tent that he and other peaceful protestors were taking sheltering in during the right to work protests earlier this month.

I’d expect this type of behavior by the mobs in Egypt or Syria, but certainly not in our own country.  It’s absolutely unacceptable that these animals would attack a journalist who is there to cover a story.  Where were the police?  Oh right, they are all members of unions in Michigan, so they conveniently weren’t there to stop any of the violence at this pro-union “rally”.


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47%’er Insults 1%’er — Hillarity Ensues!

How many of you guys remember a social network called MySpace that was huge in the early 2000′s?  It was run by a guy named Tom who automatically was your first friend when you joined it, and he never updated his picture.  Well now MySpace is like a deserted amusement park when you go there.  There are still people’s profiles, but most have not been used or updated since Facebook took over as the leading social network.  Myspace was fun during it’s heydey, and a lot of people met on MySpace and became lifelong friends, but the owner definitely sold out at the exact right moment.

Tom Anderson received $580,000,000 dollars when he sold MySpace and walked away from it in 2005.  Sure, this isn’t anything like the billions that Mark Zuckerberg is worth today, but it’s real money to most of us working a full time job.  You could definitely say that his success is one of the great American stories of entrepreneurship.  Few online businesses are started from nothing and achieve such a high valuation, but MySpace was successfully built up and sold off by a single man.  Tom became a 1%’er almost overnight, when his net worth was propelled into the stratosphere by the sale of his company.

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SHOCKER: Obama Is Time’s Man Of The Year

Well, I don’t always read left wing pinko rags, but when I do — it’s Time Magazine.  I know that you would have never guessed that the liberal media would go ahead and select their God, Barack Obama as Time “Person of the Year” again for 2012.  I was thinking that they were going to use the excuse that they chose him because his name was in the news a lot, or because we had to endure his face in so many political advertisements — Much like they chose Hitler as man of the year during WW2.  Sadly, I was not correct in this assumption:

“We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America,” Time Editor Rick Stengel told NBC’s “Today” show, where he announced the selection on Wednesday.

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5 Lessons I Learned From Glengarry Glenross

The world is full of a lot of 47%’ers these days for sure.  There are more people who don’t pay any tax, don’t feel any sense of ownership in our society, and think that they are entitled to everything under the sun.  There are very few true closers left in our country, and the ones left are a dying breed.  Quintessential Hollywood liberal Alec Baldwin did play a character in a movie called Glengarry Glenross several years ago. This character was most certainly that of a wealthy Republican closer.  Alec Baldwin earned an Oscar nomination for his role in that movie, and this is the only scene he was in.

The monologue Baldwin gives in this movie is so extremely powerful, and so compelling it hit me right in the gut.  If not for the extreme language and profanity (Which my wife and kids might not need to hear at 6am), I would program my alarm clock to wake me up with this speech every morning.  About half of the people who watch this clip are going to think he is a real jerk, and about half are going to get very excited about going out and conquering the world.  Which will you be?

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Legalization of Pot — The Next Great Republican Issue?

In recent election both Washington State and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for use by the general population, and in Colorado you are now allowed to own up to 6 plants for your personal use.  Married couples can have up to 12 pot plants in their homes with no repercussions!  This is nuts for sure, as I never thought I’d be growing up in a country where people openly admitted to, and could legally smoke pot.

Being raised by a firmly Republican military family that despised dope smoking hippies, I know what most of you are thinking.  Most of us Republicans were raised that pot heads are filthy bums who need to get the hell off of our lawns.   In my experience that is actually a fairly accurate description.  The drug generally makes them apathetic, lethargic, and they don’t go on to accomplish much.  But what if I told you that I believe the legalization of marijuana could be the next great win for the Republican party nationwide?

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