Pro-Gun Democrats Turning On Us… Joe Biden To The Rescue!

Patriots!  Be on alert.  In another turn of events today for lawful gun owners across the United States, President Obama informed us that his trusty VP Joe Biden will be in charge of making sure that there is meaningful anti-gun legislation from congress by January.  Don’t you feel safer already folks?  Crazy Joe is on the case, and he’s coming for your guns…

(Do you really trust this man with the safety of your family?)

With the president throwing around terms like “Weapons of War” and “Assault Rifles”, it definitely looks like a war is brewing in this country between lawful gun owners, and those would separate us from our constitutional 2nd amendment rights.  Keep in mind folks that the term “Assault Rifle” didn’t even exist in this country until Democrats invented it in the 1990′s to scare Americans into accepting gun control for their own safety.  Apparently now if you own a .223 AR-15 (Widely considered a low caliber plinker by many in the firearms community) — you own a weapon of war, and it’s going to be the government’s role to disarm you.

Do you know who I’m keeping the closest eye on during all of this?  Democrats who were pro-second-amendment gun rights supporters before all of this political posturing by Obama went down.  Now I’m not saying every pro-gun Democrat in the party is going to turn in his firearm and sign on as a brainwashed thug in Obama’s anti-gun army, but I am sure that we’ll see a few of them turn.  Let the flip-flopping on gun control begin….

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Republicans, please SHUT UP about GOD!

Republicans have shown up to the argument, but they are completely missing the opportunities laid at their feet by Democrats this week.  You’ve got the opportunity to hit a home run here on 2nd amendment rights, and destroy the Democrats if you can put together a constructive argument — but you can’t seem to.  You’re seriously telling me that the best you can do is to come back at Democrats with an argument that we need more God in our lives, schools, and government?  I am hopping mad right now that one of my idols, Newt Gingrich recently signed on to join this crazy train with Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, and the whole Christian right gang that is still insisting they control the Republican party.

If this horrible shooting in Newtown didn’t shake your belief in God, or at the very least make you angry with God — then you simply weren’t paying attention.  What sort of God allows things like this to happen to 5 year old children?  I can’t believe that when something like this happens, people’s initial reaction is to run to church and pray even harder.  Do you truly believe that your God is that vengeful and aggressive that he would condone having murder of children occur on his watch?  I guess if you believe most of the Old Testament your answer would be yes, because there is certainly a lot of that stuff in the bible to make you wonder about what God is all about.

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Piers Morgan Is Destroyed On Gun Control…

The Gun Owners of America went on Piers Morgan this week to defend our 2nd amendment rights.  What an amazing common sense argument that was made.  Piers Morgan could barely contain himself, poor guy…. Mr. Morgan you are simply disgusting, and you want us all to live in a society of victims — Shame on you. You are a guest in our country, please act like it.


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Has The Middle Class Already Gone Off The Fiscal Cliff?

While the sleazy politicians in Washington are still trying to argue to some agreement on the so called fiscal cliff, it begs the question if the result isn’t going to just throw more cold water on an already wrecked middle class in America.  Many would argue that we went off the fiscal cliff years ago, and have never been able to recover.

Look back to the late 90′s and early 2000′s, when many Americans were working high paying jobs and enjoying great benefits.  Many of us had stock options, or annual bonuses that were giving us great returns, and our home values were steadily rising.  Most Americans felt very confident at that time that they would have enough for retirement, and to help their kids out along the way.

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Is Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly a Sexy Robot?

Megyn Kelly does definitely bear a striking resemblance to the character “Six” from TV’s smash hit Battlestar Galactica.  While we can’t be sure, we’d love to spend more time looking at Megyn so we’ve decided to review the evidence right here on Conservative Island.

First, “Six” from BSG:

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