Republican Women: Which GOP Lawmaker is a Former Hooters Girl? (Photos)

Because Democrats would have you believe that there are no women in the Republican party, we’ve decided to start profiling some of our party’s women right here on Conservative Island for you.  We look forward to introducing you to some of the party’s up and commers over future blogs and today we’ve decided to kick off this new feature of our blog with one of the most interesting new Republican women we’ve discovered!  Enjoy…

You are scratching your head now for sure, wondering if we have any alumni from the delightfully tacky yet unrefined restaurant chain that so many love to frequent.

We’ve teased you long enough, it’s Julia Hurley from Tennessee!

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Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Conservative Ladies…

Guys — if you buy your special lady a shake weight again this year for Christmas, you fail at life.  Allow us to give you a little help…

So we’ve covered what to get conservative guys in a previous blog, and now it’s time to focus on the women that we love.  Conservative ladies are slightly easier to shop for, because they don’t want something they need — They want something they’ll want.  This can be something shiny, or something leather, or something they can wear, or maybe something they can carry.  Needless to say, it should be classy and stylish all at once if you want to gain her favor during the holidays.

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Cool Holiday Gifts For Conservative Guys…

Christmas time is upon us once again, and many of you are asking me what you should buy the conservative guy in your life.  It’s got to be something cool that he would never buy himself, and let’s face it — Conservative guys generally have everything, so we’re tough to shop for.  Since you can’t give the conservative guy in your life the white house or the senate this year for Christmas, we’ll try to provide you with some cool ideas we’ve come up with that just might make his day extra special.

Humidors:  Humidors are a great idea even if your guy doesn’t smoke cigars regularly.  It will be something he can put on a shelf and show off to his friends at cocktail parties and gatherings.  The fun of preserving a few cigars in the perfectly kept temperature and humidity level will be something that will keep him busy, and relaxed in his spare time.  Start him out with one of these classics from Thompson, and he’ll absolutely love you for it!




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Should We Reinstitute The Conservative Man’s Dress Code?

As you tune into the Republican National Convention each year, one must wonder what has happened to our traditional Republican dress code.  Obviously if you’ve watched these eccentric folks in Cowboy hats and god knows what stomping around on the RNC floor, you’ll notice that things seem to be slipping a bit.  Gone are the days when Alex P. Keaton demonstrated that it’s OK to start wearing suits and carrying a briefcase in high school, it would seem.  The whole situation almost makes me a little misty for a simpler time when Republicans had the decency to at least attempt to adhere to the clothing choices laid out in the infamous “Preppy Handbook”.

Now the Democrats have got America believing that most Conservatives in America dress like they are on Duck Dynasty, and quite frankly I’m starting to become a little concerned that it’s actually true.

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Republican Women: South Dakota’s Kristi Noem Voted Sexiest Congress Woman! (Photos)

We've read at article that South Dakota's new congress woman Kristi Noem was recently voted the sexiest Congress Woman of 2012, and we believe it!  Holding South Dakota's only congressional office, Kristi Noem has been propelled into the public spotlight recently as she has seized political power in her most recent election victory.  Bringing strength, intelligence, and yes — beauty to her new found role in Congress will serve her and the American people well!

Kristi Noem is something that is not supposed to exist — A Conservative Republican woman, and she is unapologetic about that fact.  As new blood streams into the Republican party after Mitt Romney's defeat in November, we can only hope that the changing face of the party continues to include more ladies like Kristi Noem.

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