Pro-Gun Democrats Turning On Us… Joe Biden To The Rescue!

Patriots!  Be on alert.  In another turn of events today for lawful gun owners across the United States, President Obama informed us that his trusty VP Joe Biden will be in charge of making sure that there is meaningful anti-gun legislation from congress by January.  Don’t you feel safer already folks?  Crazy Joe is on the case, and he’s coming for your guns…

(Do you really trust this man with the safety of your family?)

With the president throwing around terms like “Weapons of War” and “Assault Rifles”, it definitely looks like a war is brewing in this country between lawful gun owners, and those would separate us from our constitutional 2nd amendment rights.  Keep in mind folks that the term “Assault Rifle” didn’t even exist in this country until Democrats invented it in the 1990′s to scare Americans into accepting gun control for their own safety.  Apparently now if you own a .223 AR-15 (Widely considered a low caliber plinker by many in the firearms community) — you own a weapon of war, and it’s going to be the government’s role to disarm you.

Do you know who I’m keeping the closest eye on during all of this?  Democrats who were pro-second-amendment gun rights supporters before all of this political posturing by Obama went down.  Now I’m not saying every pro-gun Democrat in the party is going to turn in his firearm and sign on as a brainwashed thug in Obama’s anti-gun army, but I am sure that we’ll see a few of them turn.  Let the flip-flopping on gun control begin….

(President Obama, Gun Salesman of the Year)

To those of you who are Democrats that have supported 2nd amendment rights in the past, I must say that if you mindlessly take orders from President Obama on this issue now — Your friends and families will lose complete respect for you.  After you supported President Obama’s re-election, and then laughed in our faces when we told you that he would make an assault on the 2nd amendment.  After you told us not to worry that Obama made it clear he would never attack our gun rights, and we should be more concerned with upholding women’s rights and gay rights in the meantime.   If all of that turns out to be a big lie, and you collude with the president to support gun control — You lied, you deceived, and you should never again be trusted.

While it remains to be seen if Obama will propose to round up existing “Assault Weapons” throughout the nation, tactics like those wreak of Nazi Germany.  Of course, when the Nazis came around for guns in the 1930′s, most of their population went along with the gun confiscations peacefully.  Jews were later put in the camps, and led to their slaughter like cattle.  A very select few chose not to give up their guns, and they died hard.

If the US Government comes to take away your guns, will you voluntarily surrender them, or will you die hard?  Let’s hope we never have to find out.  Let every citizen be a soldier, and everyone be a patriot.

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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