Republican Celebrities — Top 40 Republican Celebrities

We’re making a list, and checking it twice — of Republican Celebrities!

Republican Celebrities are something that aren’t supposed to exist.  We’re clearly taught by the media that Republicans don’t exist in Hollywood, and Republican Celebrities would be too shy to come out of the closet if they do in fact exist.  Want to find out which Republican celebrities might have voted for Mitt Romney with you this year?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Republican Celebrities.

1). Jenna Jameson — She’s not just the most famous adult actress of all time, she’s a Republican Celebrity!

2). Kid Rock — The famous Detroit rocker doesn’t care about the auto bailout, he’s a Republican Celebrity!

3). Donald Trump — The Donald hosts The Apprentice, and is one of the biggest Republican Celebrities of all time!

4). Clint Eastwood — Can talk to empty chairs, because he’s a Republican Celebrity!

5). John Voight — Not going to no Bellvue, he’s a Republican Celebrity for god’s sake!

6). Angie Harmon — Gorgeous star of Crossing Jordan is a Republican Celebrity!

7). Gene Simmons — The front man for the greatest rock band of all time, KISS, is a Republican Celebrity!

8). Chuck Norris — The toughest man in the world is a Republican Celebrity, and now spokesman for the NRA!

9). Hillary Duff — Beautiful teen actor is all grown up, this Texan girl is a Republican Celebrity!

10).  Ted Nugent -- Ted is a gun toting social conservative Republican Celebrity!

11). Trace Adkins — It shouldn’t surprise you to find out that this country music star is a Republican Celebrity!

12). Shannen Doherty — Keeping up her mean girl in control persona from 90210, this hollywood darling is a Republican Celebrity!

13). Kelsey Grammer — Intelligent, and hilarious to watch on Frasier — this hollywood pro is a Republican Celebrity!

14). Scott Baio — Star from Happy Days is all grown up, and is now a Republican Celebrity!

15). Elisabeth Hasselbeck — She almost starved to death on Survivor, but now battles with the left wing pinkos on the View every day — She is a Republican Celebrity!

16). John Rich — Country superstar, and all business — John Rich is a known Republican Celebrity!

17). Britney Spears -- Beautiful, and head of a mega empire in hollywood, it’s Britney B—- and she’s a Republican Celebrity!

18). Vince Vaughn — One of the funniest actors in movies these days and my personal favorite Republican Celebrity!

19). Sarah Michelle Gellar — Buffy is a Republican Celebrity?  Yep!  And she’s driving stakes through a lot of Democrat hearts today.

20). LL Cool J — Don’t call it a comeback, he’s always been a Republican Celebrity!

21). Jessica Simpson — Bright, gorgeous, head of a multi-national conglomerate and a Republican Celebrity!

22). Jerry Bruckheimer — This hollywood producer is a known Republican Celebrity!

23). John Elway — Back to back superbowl wins, this Republican Celebrity knows how to win and overcome long odds!

24). Stacey Dash — Not “Clueless” anymore — She’s now a Republican Celebrity!

25). James Earl Jones — The voice of Darth Vader is a Republican Celebrity!

26). 50 Cent — He got shot 6 times, made a million the hard way and now appreciates America.  He is a Republican Celebrity!

27). Don King — The biggest boxing promoter of all time is a great salesman, and a Republican Celebrity!

28). Mary Lou Retton -- She won gold at the Olympics and adorned cereal boxes all across America, and she is a Republican Celebrity!

29). Rachel Hunter — The gorgeous model from down under is now an American Republican Celebrity!

30). Susan Luchi -- Soap opera sensation is a known Republican Celebrity!

31). Heather Locklear — She’s tough, she’s in charge, and she’s a Republican Celebrity!

32). Jennifer Love Hewitt -- The Texan beauty queen changes her t-shirt 100 times each night on the Ghost Whisperer, and she is a Republican Celebrity!

33). Kate Upton — She’s a model, and her uncle is a Republican congressman in Texas. She’s a Republican Celebrity!

34). Megyn Kelly — Of course the The Fox News anchor queen is a Republican Celebrity!

35). Danica Patrick -- She hasn’t won at Indy yet, but she’s partied with Romney in the pit — She’s a Republican Celebrity!

36). Alexis Bellino — Real Housewives star from Orange County is a business woman, and Republican Celebrity!

37). S.C. Cupp — Conservative commentator who has made a name for herself online and on HBO — She is a Republican Celebrity!

38). Cindy Crawford — The most beautiful model to ever walk the runway is filthy rich, and a Republican Celebrity!

39). Karl Malone — The star basketball player from the Utah Jazz enjoys country western music, riding his Harleys and being a Republican Celebrity!

40). Bruce Willis — The Die Hard star is one of the most outspoken Republican Celebrities in hollywood, and an amazing man who gives back in many ways.

See?  There’s more Republican Celebrities in the country than you thought.  Now that’s one to grow on!

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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