Republican Women: South Dakota’s Kristi Noem Voted Sexiest Congress Woman! (Photos)

We've read at article that South Dakota's new congress woman Kristi Noem was recently voted the sexiest Congress Woman of 2012, and we believe it!  Holding South Dakota's only congressional office, Kristi Noem has been propelled into the public spotlight recently as she has seized political power in her most recent election victory.  Bringing strength, intelligence, and yes — beauty to her new found role in Congress will serve her and the American people well!

Kristi Noem is something that is not supposed to exist — A Conservative Republican woman, and she is unapologetic about that fact.  As new blood streams into the Republican party after Mitt Romney's defeat in November, we can only hope that the changing face of the party continues to include more ladies like Kristi Noem.

Kristi Noem has been dubbed "The Next Sarah Palin" by her fans, and she is an active Tea Party member to boot.  She believes in lower taxes, pro-growth politics, and getting Washington out of our lives.  Seriously folks, what's not to love here?  She also showed that she's got not problem raising money, as she absolutely blew away her Democratic challenger with fundraising during her campaign.  A strong Republican fundraiser will definitely be important to the future of the party, as well as our next presidential election coming in 2016.

Don't let her Midwestern appeal fool you though.  Kristi Noem is truly a rising star within the Republican party.  Upon joining Congress, Kristi Noem joined the Native American Caucas, and currently works hard to improve laws for Native Americans living in her state such as tribal sovereignty.  Obviously with many Indian tribes inhabiting the Dakotas, this is an important job for a woman of her life experience, after growing up in the region.

We look forward to following Kristi Noem's career as she makes her climb within the Republican party.  Once again, Republicans have proven that beautiful, strong, confident, beautiful women are welcome in our big tent atmosphere — and Kristi Noem is the perfect spokesperson to appeal to such voters.   While the Democrats are sure to attempt to label her as a "ditzy woman", like they did with Sarah Palin — Republicans should be ready for that political maneuver this time around.

It does certainly seem that Democrats are only the party of women when women agree with their political platform.  Anytime a woman goes her own way and shows independent thought, or god forbid a conservative viewpoint — She is instantly attacked, and trivialized in a number of ways.  It's sad that this is the current political environment we live in, and that Democrats have been so successful with their attacks on Republican women.  We would certainly like to see some more accountability on issues like this, but aren't counting on the major news networks to jump in and actually report the news — that would probably be too much to ask.


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