Republican Women: Who is S.E. Cupp?

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp (or S.E. Cupp for short) was born February 23, 1979 in a suburb of San Diego California, and has recently made a name for herself a top female Republican commentator on Foxnews, MSNBC, and even Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. With her strong throaty voice, Cupp has argued opposite some of the staunchest liberals in the business.  Cupp has shattered glass ceilings as well as stereotypes, while she shows that female conservatives can be young, educated, opinionated, confident and yes — sexy as hell.  While she's been a target of the frothing-at-the mouth liberals on the left, we find her very charming and spot on the issues. Today on Conservative Island, we'd like to profile one of our favorite up and comers in the Republican politico-sphere.

(S.E. Cupp shows off her great taste in heels on Fox News)

As a student, S.E. Cupp attended Cornell where she attained a bachelor of arts in Art History.  After this cultured beauty worked on the school newspaper staff at Cornell, she attended New York University where she received a Master of Arts from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Religious Studies.  Interestingly enough, like many young conservatives — Cupp considers herself to be non-religious, although she has made comments that she aspires to be a person of faith one day.

 After college Cupp was hired by the New York Times as a contributor, and also put in hours for Politico.  She has also been a frequent guest on CNN, Fox's Hannity, Fox & Friends, America Live with Megyn Kelly, Strategy Room and Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld, and MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner, Morning Joe and Martin Bashir.

S.E. Cupp made waves this year when she disclosed that she is a gun owner, and mounted a firm defense of the 2nd amendment against the Brady campaign's argument that it was time to start registering guns along with bullets.  Her exchange was later voted one of the top craziest moments on TV for the year.  I'd venture a guess that it was because S.E. Cupp appeared as the only sane person the broadcast, surrounded by absolute anti-gun nut jobs.



Clearly you can see from watching the above mentioned video, that Cupp feels very strongly about defending our 2nd amendment rights.  While Cupp enjoys hunting in her spare time (With the cast of Duck Dynasty, we just heard!), and has appeared as a gun owner advocate on many news shows — she has not disclosed if she is a member of the NRA.

Cupp has come under fire from the left, as could be expected, using their trademark attacks that typically work on conservative women.  They've tried to paint her as another pretty face, ditzy, or too pretty to really have an opinion that matters.  It does seem that leftists and Democrats get very uncomfortable anytime an attractive Republican woman expresses an opinion that disagrees with theirs.  The ideology of get-even-with'em-ism often makes their veins bulge when faced with the prospect of someone that is younger, prettier, and smarter than they are. I don't know if this is the reason she always puts her legs on the desk during Fox News Red Eye, but I like it!

In other news, militant leftists have gone even further to try to damage Cupp's reputation.  Hustler ran a Photoshopped image earlier this year of S.E. Cupp performing oral sex in a very realistic looking image, and got away with it by claiming it was just a parody.  As expected, the NOW gang was characteristically mute because this happened to a conservative woman.  An article from Playboy about how the author would like to "hate f*ck" Miss Cupp was also swept under the rug.  It's amazing to think of what the reaction from the left would have been if such articles had been printed by conservative magazines about liberal women.

In closing, S.E. Cupp is a great spokesperson for the ideology of conservatism, and someone that will definitely appeal to younger female voters.  She is simply a national treasure, and someone that we'll look forward to following as the years pass.  We hope that she can be part of the changing face of the GOP as we evolve to meet the needs of the coming generation, and we find her views both refreshing and intriguing.  She is welcome on Conservative Island anytime as a contributor, and we'd love the opportunity to interview her in person some time!

And without further adieu, we'll wrap this profile with some more great pictures of S.E. Cupp, enjoy!



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One Response to Republican Women: Who is S.E. Cupp?

  1. Tom Burk says:

    Ms. Cupp obviously has it all:  brains, beauty, great conservative bona fides, and, needless to say, a killer face and body that, thankfully, she is willing to show off.  And on FOX!  Yes, the photogenic nature of TV crosses all political lines!

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