Republicans, please SHUT UP about GOD!

Republicans have shown up to the argument, but they are completely missing the opportunities laid at their feet by Democrats this week.  You’ve got the opportunity to hit a home run here on 2nd amendment rights, and destroy the Democrats if you can put together a constructive argument — but you can’t seem to.  You’re seriously telling me that the best you can do is to come back at Democrats with an argument that we need more God in our lives, schools, and government?  I am hopping mad right now that one of my idols, Newt Gingrich recently signed on to join this crazy train with Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, and the whole Christian right gang that is still insisting they control the Republican party.

If this horrible shooting in Newtown didn’t shake your belief in God, or at the very least make you angry with God — then you simply weren’t paying attention.  What sort of God allows things like this to happen to 5 year old children?  I can’t believe that when something like this happens, people’s initial reaction is to run to church and pray even harder.  Do you truly believe that your God is that vengeful and aggressive that he would condone having murder of children occur on his watch?  I guess if you believe most of the Old Testament your answer would be yes, because there is certainly a lot of that stuff in the bible to make you wonder about what God is all about.

First of all, this shooting in Newtown had absolutely nothing to do with God.  The shooter was a deranged lunatic that reports are now saying was on the verge of being committed to a state mental institution for life.  This has nothing to do with secular culture, video gaming, or any of these other ridiculous arguments that are being made right now.  If anything, it has to do with a lack of mental healthcare in this country allowing people like this to slip through the cracks.

This guy’s mother was completely irresponsible by allowing him access to guns in her home when she knew that he was several bricks short of a load.  If you are working to have someone committed to a state mental hospital, you don’t leave your Bushmaster Ar-15 laying around the house, I’m sorry.  I think all NRA members including myself would agree that gun safety in the home is something we strive for, and every gun owner should be responsible with their firearms to prevent such unauthorized access.

But let’s get back to this issue of religion that the Republicans seem to be agreeing is the cause of all of our problems.  I’m sorry guys, but you are a small percentage of the Republican party and you do not speak for all of us.  Many of us may be religious, but believe that religion is a private matter that is for each person to deal with in the privacy of their own home, or within their own family.  Many of us believe that religion has caused as many problems in the world as it has solved, and it has no place in American politics – period.

People likes James Dobson are the reason why the Republican party lost the election in 2012.  The Democrats have done a fabulous job convincing America that guys like Dobson are the real leaders of the Republican party, and the RNC has done NOTHING to persuade people otherwise.  Instead you’ve now got prominent leaders in the party coming forward and agreeing with people like Dobson, which is going to drive more Republicans away from the ballot box in the next election.  Politics like that only work in the deep south, and other places where religion plays a prominent role in people’s every day lives — but in the rest of the country it’s simply going to offend and embolden the enemy.

As a proud Goldwater / Reagan conservative, I have found myself defending our party against people like this for the past decade.  While I argue that the issues of free market capitalism, 2nd amendment rights, and small government are much more important — The Democrats have been very successful in arguing that they are correct on many social issues.  People simply don’t want to have religion forced down their throats. and it bothers them when Republican leaders go on TV to say that America needs more God in the classroom, government, or home.

One of the crowning beliefs of the Republican party is to defend the rights of the individual.  We can’t continue to argue that we need to get the government out of people’s lives if our politicians on the right are going to come out and say this stuff.  You can’t be the party of less government intervention if you are going to say that the government needs to legislate religion and morality.  It’s offensive and it’s down right hypocritical.  All tax payers should be able to live their lives in the way they so choose, and it’s none of the politicians damn business.

Look folks, I’m not telling you what you have to believe or not believe.  I’m simply saying that if we want more people to buy into our message of personal liberty, responsibility, freedom, anti-communism, low taxation, and smaller government — You’ve got to get the Republican party out of the God business.  Religion and politics simply do not mix, and if we continue down this path it’s going to destroy the party and our nation.  The next time a mass shooter is killing people somewhere, you can pray for the police to show up — but they rarely do.  If you own a gun, and have it with you — you can be a part of the solution.

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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  1. Ken says:

    Hey Rouge Elephant, How long have you been a Liberal Democrat????

  2. BTW — The Mother of modern conservatism, Ayn Rand, agreed with me.

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