Rush Limbaugh Nails It: Media Rabid To Blame Right Wing for Boston!

Rush Limbaugh must read our blog, because he expanded on our thoughts yesterday that the media is foaming-at-the-mouth to blame right wingers for what happened in Boston.  Listen to the clip below where he nails it.  If this turns out to be a Muslim bomber, you're going to hear a lot of "Islam is a religion of peace!" and "this is an isolated incident that doesn't say anything about muslims, or Saudis, etc" — But if this turns out to be some fringe right wing group, you are going to witness a piling on to the level that you have never seen before.  They are going to find an AR-15 rifle in the guys home, whether he had one or not — and they are going to find gunpowder which was bought from a gun store for purposes of reloading your own brass.  They are going to want to reduce the amount of ammo someone can buy, so they can't make bombs with the gun powder — and you are going to need a special license in order to buy your own black powder for reloading or using black powder rifles.

That is our prediction, and you've heard it here first on Conservative Island!

Now enjoy Rush:

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