SHOCKER: Obama Is Time’s Man Of The Year

Well, I don’t always read left wing pinko rags, but when I do — it’s Time Magazine.  I know that you would have never guessed that the liberal media would go ahead and select their God, Barack Obama as Time “Person of the Year” again for 2012.  I was thinking that they were going to use the excuse that they chose him because his name was in the news a lot, or because we had to endure his face in so many political advertisements — Much like they chose Hitler as man of the year during WW2.  Sadly, I was not correct in this assumption:

“We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America,” Time Editor Rick Stengel told NBC’s “Today” show, where he announced the selection on Wednesday.

Historical cultural and demographic changes were listed as the reasoning behind Obama’s selection?  Call this a victory lap by the Democrats folks, because that’s exactly what this is. These guys are simply gloating that they got a victory, and they are so flush and giggly that they are actually starting to believe that they won because of cultural and demographic changes in America.

Completely discount that the Republicans nominated a weak candidate this year, and they shot themselves in the foot 3 times with stupid comments about rape and women’s rights.  Throw out that when Republicans had a chance to dictate the debate to America about how the economy is the primary issue, they allowed the Democrats to turn the conversation around to gay rights.  For all intensive purposes, the Republican presidential loss this year was more because of their own miscues and mistakes than anything the Democrats put forward.

Need I remind you that President Obama never put forth any sort of plan for the future of America?  Not once did he explain how he was going to pull us out of this economic nightmare that we’re in, or why Keynesian economics are going to work better than free market capitalism.  He simply ran on a platform of “Mitt Romney is a bad guy, and I’m not Mitt Romney”.  Wow, what a guy — A truly amazing individual.  How did they not give him the Nobel Peace Prize again (for doing nothing), on top of this “Person of the Year” honor from Time Magazine?

The fact is that America hasn’t changed that much in four years, my friends.  What has happened is that we have found ourselves in an economic malaise, and it is easier for people to sit around and complain about that than to become part of the solution.  Becoming a Democrat during times like these is the path of least resistance.  The same thing occurred during the great depression when frothing-at-the-mouth socialists elected Franklin D. Roosevelt to three straight terms (Before term limits).

Long term, our only hope is that when the economy creeps back up to an acceptable level, capitalism will return to America.  If the economy can somehow recover, however unlikely under this horrible leftist leadership, maybe — just maybe, people will return to fiscal conservatism and free market capitalism as they did in the years following FDR’s presidency.

Of course, our nation was so changed after FDR died in office — it took 50 years before you were allowed to even speak negatively of him in public.  I remember being a child in elementary school in the 1980′s and having the teachers all reading to us out of the history book that FDR was one of the greatest presidents of all time.  Little did they know that most of us were witnessing one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century first hand during that decade, Ronald Reagan.

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