Texas Secession, and the Future of our Nation….



(Pictured above: The battle of the Alamo)

For many years now, the state motto of Texas has appeared on tourism brochures as “Texas, it’s like a whole other country.”  If many Texans have it their way, at some point in the future Texas will be a completely separate nation from the United States.

Ever since Texas defended the Alamo, seceded from Mexico, and set up their own nation “The Republic of Texas” — Texans have come with a certain amount of swagger and bravado that is simply unmatched by citizens from other states.  Many in Texas regret that their President Sam Houston ever agreed to bring Texas into the United States, although he did it under serious financial duress.  Clearly, Sam Houston saw no other way to escape Texas’ financial troubles but to join with the Union.

Now we find ourselves in 2012, healing from the scars of one of the most divisive presidential elections in our history, and we have nearly 150,000 signatures on the petition to allow Texas to secede from the union.  This is well over the 25,000 signatures that President Obama requires to get an official state response from his office.  A response hasn’t come yet, but you can imagine that it will probably be one word — “No.”

While Texas secession may be a bit shoot-from-the-hip, and premature — It definitely underscores the feeling many in our nation have that they are tired of being ruled by a tiny political elite in Washington, DC.  Our states are very different with populations that share equally different belief systems, and it does seem a bit totalitarian to assume that we all must follow a joint visit and be ruled by a single leader.

When the United States was formed, it was done so as a way to bring together the 13 colonies in a time of war against England.  The general plan was that we would keep a loose affiliation with each other to maintain a common army, define trading relationships, and maintain foreign allies.

Flash forward 200 years, and now the Federal government controls every aspect of your life from the cradle to the grave.  They control what you are taught in school, how you get medical care, who pays into society, and who takes from society.  The federal government controls how fast you drive on the highway, the gas mileage that your car gets, and even if you can take your family camping and have a camp fire.

Needless to say, I don’t think that this level of control was what the founding fathers had in mind when they created the United States.  There seem to be many cases like Texas where people would like to try living their lives a different way, but the Federal government will simply not allow it. Furthermore, it would seem that the Federal government will be under pressure not to allow Texas to leave the union simply because of their huge oil reserves, booming economy, and large tax base.

While Texas is a shining example of how successful conservatism has been, even under the oppressive boot of the Federal government — You might consider California as a likely candidate for secession on the other side.  Clearly San Francisco likes to do things their own way, and many in California share a very left of center viewpoint of the world.  Should they not be allowed to go their own way and try uncontrolled liberalism if they vote for it?

This editorial is offered as food for thought.  If Texas was able to finding almost 150,000 people willing to sign their name to a petition and suffer the consequences of being put on a federal black list or worse — Don’t you think there are a lot more folks at home in favor of secession who are just too fearful to come out and declare it?  Is it time for the Federal government to loosen up it’s iron grasp on the states and allow them to run things in accordance with the belief system of their populations?

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