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The Israelis were just about the only country outside the United States that supported Mitt Romney over Barrack Obama in election 2012.  They knew there was a clear difference between the candidates on the issue of our support for Israel vs. the islamic fundamentalists in the middle east. To say they must have been disappointed when Barrack Obama was elected to a second term is the understatement of the year.

For half a century now, Israel has been our best and only true ally in the middle east.  They are the only true Democracy in the middle east, and the only true westernized country in that region. They are a nuclear power, most would agree, with plenty of help from the United States.

Now that his first term has ended, it is becoming more and more clear that Barrack Obama does not stand with Israel, as he goes out of his way to snub their leaders and show favor to our enemies in the region.  While Israel sits surrounded by Islamo-fascist enemies on all sides, who have repeatedly mentioned that they’d like nothing more than to push them into the sea –  America has grown more and more silent.  While the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas has taken center stage as the only real political organization the Palestinians have, the United States has actually begun to recognize these so-called leaders and negotiate with them behind closed doors.

Where is this all going, and how will it all end, you might be asking yourself?  While third parties have struggled to broker peace treaties for decades now, neither side seems interested in keeping the peace for long.  Perhaps the ultimate solution will be all-out war, where both sides can be armed appropriately and allowed to fight things out once and for all?  Sadly, while many suggest such a solution, the result would be near world war, as every Arab country in the region would enter such a scenario to attack Israel.  The result could be an Arab super power as large as the middle east itself, armed with nuclear weapons and ready to take on the western world in a holy war.

Obviously the United States can not let this happen.  We can never let the Islamic countries in the middle east gain nuclear weapons, for they would use them almost immediately on Tel Aviv, London, and New York.  Even if they did not use them immediately, they could not be trusted with such a responsibility because of the clear lack of rational thought and logic shown by their leaders in the past.  When dealing with countries who are run by religious extremists, there simply is no negotiating or logical reasoning that will work besides a gun to the head.

This may sound somewhat harsh, but our country once had leaders who believed in peace through strength (i.e. Ronald Reagan).  It has been shown in the past that sitting down and talking with these people simply does not produce fruit.  When we attempt to engage them in peaceful conversation, they take it as a sign of weakness.  We simply can not continue to show weakness, and must project strength, which is the only thing such terrorist animals understand.

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