Top Myths of Low Information Voters

Throughout the past twenty years, "Get Out The Vote" campaigns have been very successful in bringing more and more people to the polls.  Whereas in the old days, most voters were people who read the newspaper daily, watched the evening news religiously, and generally understood the major issues — In the modern era, this is no longer the case.  The term "Low Information Voter" was first used in 1991 by American pollster and political scientist Samuel Popkin in his book "The Reasoning Voter".  The term is used to describe people who do not possess a deep understanding of the issues, but vote anyway based on largely symbolic things they see or hear.  They might vote for Bill Clinton because they saw him eating a hamburger at McDonalds, or maybe they voted for Barrack Obama because they thought it would be cool to vote for the first black president in American history.  Some people blame this change on the rise of reality television, social media, or people just plain becoming lazier than the last generation.  Whatever the case, it can not be denied that the low information voter has changed the political landscape in the United States permanently.

"Uh, who's running again, and for what?"

Let's cover some quick political myths believed by low information voters, and look at how they influence the current political landscape.

Myth: By Voting for Barrack Obama, gay marriage will become legal in the United States

Reality: Although President Obama came out in favor of gay marriage before the election recently, there are still far too many Democrats that firmly oppose making any changes regarding this issue.  A vote for President Obama actually did nothing to support gay marriage in our country.  Many Republicans also favor gay marriage, or favor the government getting out of being involved with marriage all together so people could form legal partnerships in any way they choose.

Myth: Mitt Romney was the candidate of the rich, and was running to serve the interests of the 1% in America.

Reality: Romney was actually known to be quite a liberal governor while serving in Massachusetts, and his liberal tendencies towards increasing the size of government offended many Republicans.  A "Massachusetts Republican" is actually the same thing as a Democrat from many other parts of the country!

Myth: Romney must have lost the election because Independents came out in favor of Obama.  He was too extreme!

Reality: Actually, Romney won the Independent vote by a large margin (Probably because of being such a moderate) — But it was actually his Republican base who did not show up to support Romney during the national election.  Romney actually got less of the Republican vote than John McCain got just 4 years earlier — and McCain was considered to be a very weak candidate.  This seems to indicate that Republicans would do better in the future if they were to run with a more conservative candidate that played better to the party's base.

Myth: By voting for Obama, we can all have "free" healthcare, and only the richest 1% will have to pay for it.  Savings from cutting waste will also help!  There will be greater access for all!

Reality: President Obama's healthcare plan actually raises taxes on every American, and requires all Americans to begin carrying health insurance.  If you can't get your own health insurance for whatever reason, you must pay a hefty fine (Tax).  The program actually creates a huge government bureaucracy that increases the cost of healthcare through wasteful government spending, doing nothing to curb access to illegal immigrants, and doing nothing to encourage new doctors to enter the business.

Myth: Raising taxes on the "Rich" is the right thing to do, because it forces them to pay their fair share.  They are currently getting away with not paying any taxes!

Reality: Actually, the wealthy in America already pay over 90% of all taxes collected by the IRS.  The truth is that almost one half of our nation pays zero in federal income tax, and contributes absolutely nothing towards funding our large federal government.  With so much money being pulled out of our economy, and put into the public sector — is there any wonder why our economy has failed to grow above 3% now for over a decade? (Meanwhile China is experiencing runaway double-digit growth!)

Myth: By voting for Obama, our student loans are going to be forgiven and we won't have to pay back these huge debts we've racked up.  He'll also help us get jobs after college!

Reality: President Obama has made no effort to tackle the issue of student loan forgiveness, as the amount of outstanding debt in our nation would bankrupt the country if it were to be forgiven.  Furthermore, he's done nothing to make school more affordable — or to encourage colleges to keep tuition prices down.  It can be argued that having student loans available, and so easy to attain are the real reason why tuition costs are rising at such a rapid pace.  One must question that if these loans were not given out so easily to anybody who asks (Kind of like sub-prime mortgages), would a degree cost less — and would it demand a higher salary once you enter the workforce?

Myth: Republicans are always trying to take away social security and Medicare!  I've earned those services by paying into them!

Reality: Social Security and Medicare are actually not financially sustainable in their current form beyond a couple of decades at the most.  Unless changes are made to both programs soon, money will dry up and huge tax increases will need to be levied on ALL AMERICANS in the near future.  Even though you have paid into each program, the average American will actually take much more out of these programs once retired than they paid in.  The argument that it is your money is only true for the first few years that you are claiming benefits, and beyond that you are actually spending other people's money.

Myth: President Obama believes in the right to bear arms, and isn't planning to do anything regarding gun rights.

Reality: When President Obama was a constitutional law professor, many of his colleagues actually confirm that he told them "I don't think people should be allowed to own guns." — Furthermore, Democrats have been looking for a way to re-open the gun debate for the past twenty years, and sadly through the Sandy Hook massacre they were able to achieve that goal.  There was never any evidence that President Obama was in favor of protecting second amendment rights.

Myth: There are going to be more jobs under President Obama, because he is expanding the size of government — so we can all have cushy government jobs with a pension!

Reality: By taking so many dollars out of the private sector, the economy as a whole suffers.  Government jobs are equivalent to welfare on many levels, because they pull money from private businesses and individuals, and give it to people who would generally not be employable in the private sector.  Think of your average TSA employee standing at an airport gate — While they are really happy to have the job, and the government benefits — it's largely because they've had trouble finding a better job in the community. Government jobs include large pension programs which are typically unsustainable over the long term because of increasing life spans, rising costs of healthcare, etc — Therefore taxes are going to have to increase dramatically at some point to pay for all of these people to retire.

Myth: The United States is so screwed up — Why can't we be more like Europe?

Reality: Actually, most countries in Europe have much higher taxes, worse healthcare and higher unemployment rates than the United States. In Countries like Greece, decades of liberal fiscal policy are coming home to roost — and threaten to bankrupt the entire nation.  Government workers protest in the streets because they won't even accept a 5 percent wage decrease, or minimal layoffs in order to keep the government afloat.  A aura of entitlement hangs over the entire region, because people have been sucking off of the government tit for so long — they don't know any other way to survive.

Myth: President Obama has no ties to communists — You Republicans are crazy.  What is it with you and Communism anyway?

Reality: Actually, both of President Obama's parents were known communist sympathizers.  His father wrote a published paper where he praises socialism during his college years, and his mother was recognized as a "fellow traveler" by many in the Communist movement during that time.  Obama's parents actually met in a Russian class (back when it was the Communist USSR), and set him up with a teen mentor Frank Marshall Davis (A known member of the CPUSA).  Obama has a brother named Roy, and a Cousin named Odinga who are public about their support for Communism and Marxism.  Obama was hand picked by Alice Palmer to succeed her in the Illinois state senate, and Palmer is known to have traveled to Russia to attend a communist party event there.  We all know that Bill Ayers helped launch Obama's run for the Illinois State Senate, and his terrorist organization the "Weather Underground" was funded partially by the Communist Party of the USA.  Obama has publicly had a close relationship the anti-capitalist group ACORN, and finally Obama was supported during his run for the presidency by the Communist Party of the United States.  Is that enough evidence for you, or do you want more? (For sources, see


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