Who are Conservatives in America?

Conservatism seems to be a dying ideology if you look at the rest of the world for guidance.  Almost every other western nation has succumbed to liberalism in one form or another, be it socialism, Marxism, or even communism.  In the words of Ronald Reagan, America is the last stand for freedom on this Earth and there is nowhere to retreat to.

Maybe you are an American liberal, and you’ve been asking yourself this question.  Or maybe you are in a foreign nation, and you are trying to figure out what drives Americans to be conservatives.  Who are conservatives in America you wonder?  I’ll spend a little time explaining it in this article.  Let’s explore conservatives in America together…

Conservatives in America are eternal optimists:

Conservatives in America believe that the glass is always half full, and that America’s best days are ahead of us.  We believe that even though we may have been born with nothing, and grown up poor or middle class – we live in the greatest nation on Earth, which still allows us to attain great wealth and success through hard work and achievement.  We believe that all things are possible in America, and that just because we’re not in the highest tax bracket today doesn’t mean we won’t be tomorrow!

Conservatives in America respect our history:

Conservatives in America believe that our founding fathers set up the perfect system for government in America, and it has been responsible for our country being the most successful on this Earth for the past one hundred years.  We believe that George Washington was the original action hero, who truly inspired Americans with his bravery and vision for the future.  We believe that the Boston tea party set the tone for our nation that we would not be overtax and overregulated.  We believe Thomas Jefferson knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, and slipped the second amendment in the Bill of Rights.  We believe that Ben Franklin laid the groundwork for centuries of invention, achievement, and entrepreneurship that would make America the economic leader of the free world.  We believe that if the founding fathers were alive today, they would undoubtedly all be Republicans.

Conservatives in America believe in the rights of the individual:

Conservatives in America believe that each person is important, and there is no such thing as the greater good for the masses.  While we believe in charity, and helping those who are in true need – We don’t believe in setting up bloated government institutions that turn poverty into an industry.  We believe that the government that governs best, governs least.  We believe that keeping government small is the best way to keep tyrants from crushing dreams of free men and women.  We believe that if tax rates are too high, it squashes innovation and destroys the ability of free people to climb the economic ladder and escape social class structure.  We believe that when you earn money, it should be mostly yours to keep. We believe that other government systems like communist and Marxism are inherently evil because they punish achievement, destroy growth, and otherwise ruin the morale of a nation.  We believe that the government should stay out of your life and let you live it any way you please.

Conservatives in America are Dreamers:

Because of our optimistic attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit – Conservatives in America believe we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.  Most of the great business minds and successful people who pulled themselves up from nothing in our nation are conservatives.   Conservatives in America believe that anyone who is willing to invest the hard work is able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and achieve real success in their life.  Conservatives in America believe in teaching a man to fish, rather than giving a man a fishing pole.  We believe that the best way to help people is to help them to help themselves.   We believe the best way to do this is to show others how to dream big dreams just like we do, and to make sure our government doesn’t punish success so people are encouraged to accomplish big things and grow the economy as a whole.

Conservatives in America believe in economic GROWTH:

Conservatives in America don’t believe that the economic pie is a set size and can never get any bigger.  We believe that economic growth is the tide that raises all ships.  We understand that economic growth increases tax revenues and makes tax increases unnecessary when properly administered.  We believe that raising taxes during a recession or economic downturn is wrong, and will only prolong the recession and hurt the nation.  We believe that everyone in the country should have some “skin in the game” by paying some level of taxes, even if it’s only a small amount.  As Margaret Thatcher believed, We believe that when you only tax the wealthy and allow the rest of the country a free pass, they don’t have a sense of ownership in society and the country suffers.  We believe that in many circumstances, cutting taxes in a country can spur economic growth and increase tax revenues.

Conservatives in America don’t favor one group over another:

While our well-meaning liberal friends believe that it is important to pander to groups (socio-economic, race) – Conservatives in America do not.  We see everyone as equals, and wish to institute policies that make America a better place for ALL Americans.  We don’t care what color you are, ethnicity, creed, sexual preference, or political party.  We believe the government should leave you alone, and stay out of your private life.  We believe that by creating policies that support the traditional path to wealth in America, we have a system in place that allows people from any walk of life to achieve great things.  We believe that when Democrats try to win votes by giving away “free stuff”, it insults the American people’s intelligence and cheapens the Democracy that our founding fathers entrusted us with.

Lies that you have been told about Conservatives in America:

We do not hate minorities and women.  We don’t hate gay people, or those who live alternative lifestyles.  We aren’t in favor of harming old people by taking away their social security and Medicare.  We don’t hate poor people.  Religion is not a part of our party platform, and we certainly don’t believe that rape is a blessing from God.  Rush Limbaugh is not the true leader of the Republican Party.  Niether is Focus on the Family or Bob Jones University.  We don’t support tax cuts for only the rich.  We don’t want to breath dirty air and drink filthy water.  We don’t like it when workers are exploited, and are not in favor of children in the work force.  We aren’t singling anybody out when we propose cuts to big government programs and boondoggles.

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I am a high-earning overtaxed young professional, and life long Conservative Republican. I'm passionate about spreading our conservative message. I was captain of my college debate team, have always enjoyed current events, arguing with Liberals, and love America.
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