Why Is The Federal Government Stockpiling Ammo!?!?

I'm not one to get on board with the conspiracy theory wackos that patrol the Internet.  However, months ago those types of guys including Alex Jones, Michael Savage, etc started reporting this story and I barely took notice.  The story came out that the United States Department of Homeland Security had begun stockpiling bullets.  Not just a few bullets either, but enough ammo to fight a war inside the United States for over twenty years (1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition). I mention fighting a civil war because the type of ammo being purchased by the DHS includes mainly hollow point bullets, which apparently are illegal for international warfare (Who knew?  Thanks Forbes!).  They've also got an order to load up on millions of sniper rifle rounds, which can only be used to pick people off at long distances. 

Like I said, I cast this story aside thinking that there must have been a reason — until I saw that Forbes had picked up the story today, and had thrown their reputation behind getting the word out about this.  Apparently it's not just ammo, but also armored personnel carriers.  That's right folks, the United States is now shipping home hundreds of armored personnel carriers from our overseas wars, which come complete with anti-IED and mine capabilities.  Why would APC's need to patrol American streets encountering IED's, you might ask? 

I was asking myself the same question.  The whole thing wreaks of some sort of "Red Dawn" scenario, where Americans are in full revolt against their own government (The original movie was actually about resisting an invasion by the Communists, but many are now looking to this movie as something that could really happen if Americans end up at odds with their own government at some point.) — Last I checked, however, there is no pending thread from any revolutionary group inside the United States, and even the most loyal right wingers are not advocating taking up arms against the Feds.  Pardon the expression, but this just seems like overkill by our Department of Homeland Security (waka waka waka).


So at the very least, we have a situation where the US Government is wasting our money in some government bureaucracy nightmare of a situation where money has been spent by a department that has been allowed to grow out of control.  This is the most likely scenario, because let's face it — It's Washington DC, and people who work there are more corrupt now than any time in our nation's history.

At the very worst, your government is planning to fight a war with you for up to twenty years, and possible kill you.  Either way, something needs to be done to stop the insanity coming out of Washington.  If President Obama won't show leadership to kill this most recent order for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo, then the Republicans in Congress need to stand up and take action.

First of all, we should be asking ourselves by the Department of Homeland Security needs military style vehicles, weapons, and any ammunition at all.  Do we not already have a huge organization within the United States that is specifically tasked with protecting the homeland by force?  We actually have two.  I'm referring to the National Guard, as well as the US Coast Guard.  Last I checked these groups were doing a fine job, but if all else failed — we have the local militias (AKA you, me, and every armed man, woman, or child still standing in the United States once an invasion has occurred).  I see absolutely no reason for the DHS to have any arms at all, much less the amount of arms it would take to fight a war for twenty plus years within our own borders.

For most Americans, this type of thing is something that won't take hold until they see an armored personnel carrier parked on the corner of their own street.  I encountered something like this living in Colorado last summer during the fire season when my own neighborhood was evacuated.  At first I went along with it, because it was obviously for our own safety — but when I tried to return to my neighborhood for 7 days after the evacuation I was blocked from entering by national guard troops, and a large armored personnel carrier.  Why did they need an armored personnel carrier to protect against looters?  They didn't.  I should note that with national guard troops, their APC, as well as local law enforcement patrolling the streets — hundreds of homes in our evacuation zone were still looted.  Having the government run checkpoints did almost nothing, except keep people from returning to their homes even long after the fire danger had passed.

This is not a conservative issue, it's not a liberal issue — it's an American issue.  Americans should not stand by and watch as their government wastes billions of dollars stockpiling weapons against them.  How we got from the point of have civil debate and gracefully agreeing to disagree — to a time when our government has been allowed to run amuck creating an agency preparing to go to war with Americans is beyond me. Stay safe my fellow Americans, and if you get the chance — watch the new Red Dawn movie — I hear it's a great remake of the old version, although I am not too happy about them relocating the movie from Colorado the pacific North West! (A little biased!)

(Movie trailer for the new Red Dawn movie)


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